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Sizes:          Small:        300 X 100mm  |  Large:      500 x 100mm

MnM Removals offer great discounts when buying our bubble wrap and packaging materials in bulk. Meaning the more you buy the cheaper it is!


The team here at MnM Removals  would only recommend that our customers use the best quality bubble wrap for house removals!

At MnM Removals we always aim to help our customers have the best house removals experience from start to finish, when using our recommended packaging supplies and packing the contents into them perfectly you will reduce the chance of any breakage. Our small bubble wrap is very cost effective, long lasting and great quality, don’t take our word compare our size, quality and prices before purchasing our small bubble wrap. Our small bubble wrap has good durability and has the quality you need when wrapping your most delicate items for the best protection, we help our packaging customers by giving you the best cost effective prices on our small bubble wrap.

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Small Bubble Wrap

Small Bubble Wrap

Tips on how to use your Small Bubble Wrap

Small pieces of furniture:If you have small items of furniture you can wrap the whole item with small bubble wrap, securing with tape.This will help prevent against chipping and scratching when the item is being moved as well as dust and water damage. You may also wish to buy our small bubble wrap to wrap any furniture legs or finishing’s to give them that extra protection they need during your move.

Glassware: Packing glassware can be a tricky task to complete. Small bubble wrap can be a very effective solution for this task. Start by filling all glasses, mugs etc with small bubble wrap before wrapping your small bubble wrap around the item and securing with tape. When placing items into a box it is also a good idea to fill any access spaces in the box with small bubble wrap. This will help to lessen the shifting of the items inside.

Ornaments/China: You should take extra care when packing ornaments and china. With all the delicate and precious figures you may have it is a good idea to wrap each item individually in small bubble wrap. It is also a good idea to place bubble wrap between each layer of china for that extra protection in the box.

Picture frames:Their is no right or wrong way of using small bubble wrap to wrap your picture frames.The best method is to place the bubbles on the inside, which provides multiple point of contact for the bubbles to rest on. Then place each picture in the correct size box. Do not overfill the boxes, try to keep them square and in shape.

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