Medium House Removal Box

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Size:               (30″ x 18″ x 12″ )  ( 762 x 457 x 300mm)


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MnM Removals only offer quality medium house removal boxes that are great for storage and stacking on top of each other

Our medium house removal box is like a large moving box in size, don’t take our word compare our size quality and prices before purchasing our medium house removal box. We won’t be beaten on price our the quality of our medium house removal boxes, we guarantee you will not fill them as quickly as other boxes plus the durability on our boxes will last much much longer, all of  our medium house removal boxes are purposely made for storage and relocation reason. MnM Removals aims to give cost effective removal box prices.We understand that our customers need strong double wall medium house removal boxes for their home move or for storage reasons, when our medium house removal boxes are packed with heavy items such as glass, books, picture frames, art work etc inside you can rest assured by using our thick double wall medium house removal boxes they will not fall apart when being lifted moved or stacked on top of each other.

Medium House Removal Box

Medium House Removal Box Tips

Medium house removal boxes are most commonly used for other household effects such as pots, pans, glass, china, ornaments, pictures frames, small electrical’s, dvd player,  clothing and food.

When packing delicate china plates, glass and mugs they should be placed on their edges, never flat, on the bottom of the box in batches of three or four, with paper, bubble wrap or sheets between each plate or item.

When the bottom of the medium house removal box is covered continue filling with heavy china, Pyrex, mugs, bowls, vases etc. On top of this place glass and china (pack glasses upright.)

Fill the boxes to capacity using soft items such as pillows, cushions, towels, cuddly toys, etc to take up any space on top. It is also a good idea to place soft items between each layer of china for that extra protection.Do not overfill the boxes; keep them square and in shape.

At MnM Removals we always recommend to customers the best in quality, prices and sizes when buying our medium house removals boxes along with first hand experience from start to finish within the moving industry. By using our medium house removal boxes and packing the contents into them safely and correctly you will immediately reduce the chance of any damage to your most loved and expensive belongings.

Great prices and Big sizes when buying our medium house removal boxes for your move


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