Plastic Sofa Protectors



Armchair: 1820mm x 1370mm

2 Seater sofa: 2540mm x 1370mm

3 Seater sofa: 3040mm x 1370mm



At MnM Removals we only supply the best quality plastic sofa protectors & covers

Our heavy duty plastic sofa protectors are long lasting and extremely durable as well as being very versatile. Not only are they re usable they are also recyclable and can be used for a wide range purposes.

Reasons you may need a plastic sofa protector:

Plastic sofa protectors are ideal to protect your sofas during transit, making them perfect for protecting your sofas during your house removal.

If you are decorating your new home the last thing you want is to have your sofas and arm chairs covered in paint. Plastic sofa protectors are easy to use and cost effective.

We all know children are experts when it comes to making a mess especially if you have a light coloured or material sofa. Using plastic sofa protectors will allow you to join in the fun without the worry of keeping your sofas clean.

All of our plastic sofa protectors are made from LLPE Polyethylene and are the best recommended product to protect your sofas and armchairs from dust, dirt, soil and water damage.

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