Small House Removal Box


Size:        (22″ x 13″ x 17″ )   (550  x 325  x 425 mm)

MnM Removals only recommend, strong, double wall cost effective small house removal boxes for your house removal


Top Quality Small House Removal Boxes

Small moving box

Small Moving Box

At MnM Removals we always aim to help our customers have the best house removals boxes along with first hand experience from start to finish, when using our recommended small house removal boxes and packing the contents into them perfectly you will reduce the chance of any breakage to your loved belongings. As a professional moving company we know what exactly what our customers need when searching for the right size small house removal box. Our small house removal box is very cost effective, long lasting with great quality that can used again and again. Don’t take our word compare our small house removal box sizes quality and prices with any other store before purchasing our small removal box we guarantee not to beaten on price, quality or service.

MnM Removals offer top quality small house removal boxes that are great for storage and stacking on top of each other

 Tips on how to pack your small house removal box

Small house removal boxes should be used to pack heavy, small items such as books, records, tins, bottles, cutlery, heavy food (rice, sugar etc) and small heavy ornaments.

Books, for the most part, should be packed flat. They may be packed on their edges, but never with the opening facing downwards as this may break the binding.

Pictures and records should be packed on their edges.

Make sure that bottle tops are tight and pack bottles upright using a box divider.

We offer BIGGER sizes at affordable prices on your small house removal boxes

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