If you or your business are thinking of relocating office in Leicester then we can help.

[quote font=”georgia” color=”#000000″ bcolor=”#f48a00″]If you are considering relocating office in Leicester you will need a professional yet reliable office relocation company to assist you with your move. At MnM Removals we cater for all aspects of your move when you are relocating office in Leicester.[/quote]

The key factors for success when relocating office in Leicester are planning and organization. Using a reliable and professional company will help you have the best possible outcome with the least disruption possible to the every day running of your business.

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[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]We can pack and move your IT equipment. IT relocation should be a top priority when relocating office in Leicester, the less downtime your business has the better.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]We can dismantle and reassemble desks, chairs and other  office furniture.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]We can expertly wrap and pack your items so that they are safe and protected during transit. We can also unpack and unwrap any items if required.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]We can place each individual item in the area of your choice.

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[icon type=”image” icon=”Stationery” size=”24″ ]Make sure your new office has enough space to accommodate all of your office equipment and furniture.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Stationery” size=”24″ ]Set a realistic budget for relocating office in Leicester.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Stationery” size=”24″ ]Find a reliable, professional and cost effective removal company.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Stationery” size=”24″ ]Once you have your date for relocating office in Leicester you will need to inform all of your service providers and suppliers of your change of address.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Stationery” size=”24″ ]Engaging your staff throughout your Leicester office relocation will help them to adjust to the move. Be supportive and ready to answer any questions or concerns your staff may have.

Relocating office in Leicester

Relocating office in Leicester

No matter the size of your business relocating office in Leicester can be a stressful and daunting task. Planning and organizing in advance will not only relocating office in Leicester an easier task but also help your business have as little down time as possible.

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