Get Expert Advice When Moving Home With Your Pet Cat’s or Dog’s

All the staff here at MnM Removals own a pets and are big animal lovers. This article is a guide for clients thinking of moving or relocating to a new home with their pets.

Looking After Your Pets

Moving house with your pets can be very unsettling for them and you. Dogs and cats have regular routines and a house removal may disrupt their every day routine. This guide is created to help people when relocating pets to new home.

Moving pets to the new home

The Best Way To Transport Pets

  • Don’t feed your pets before the car journey as they may be sick
  • Place your pet dog or cat into a pet cage for the journey that is secured using the set belt
  • Make regular stops so your pets can stretch their legs. Never let them off the lead
  • Do not leave your pet in the car for long periods, especially in hot weather

Moving House? Relocating pets to the new home?

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