Moving house and need a reliable house removal company in Ln10 Lincolnshire

Look no further than MnM Removals.With the help of our dedicated team and removal company in Ln10 Lincolnshire we help people when moving home in Woodhall Spa, Kirkstead, Stixwould, Roughton Moore, Blankley Dales and Waddingworth.

We are a thriving removal company and team that’s has been operating within the removal industry since 2003.

Our moving team and removal company in Ln10 Lincolnshire understands how Important the whole moving process is and will ensure to be punctual, reliable and hard working when carry out your house removal in Ln10 Lincolnshire.

When moving home you will not need to do much or lift a finger, as our movers and packers will go above and beyond to ensure you have a safe and stress free moving experience.

Things to consider when choosing our removal company in Ln10 Lincolnshire

Getting in touch

It’s always a good idea to get in touch with our removal company in Ln10 Lincolnshire as soon as you are aware you are moving home. This can be any thing from 8 weeks, 4 weeks 2 weeks or even on the same day for last minute or emergency removals in the Lincolnshire area.

To pack or not to pack

Packing a 3 bedroom family home with a loft, a shed and garage items is not for the fainthearted. Packing a home of this type requires our specialist team of home packers that are skilled in packing household items correctly, ensuring that they are safe and protected for the journey to the new location.

Think of the service you will need help with

There are so many house removal services you may need when moving home in Ln10 Lincolnshire. Below is a list of all the services you can choose when booking our removal team and company.

  • House Removals
  • Packing
  • Dismantling
  • House Clearance
  • Removal Boxes & Packaging
  • Piano Removals
  • Storage

Keep all valuable items on you

When moving home with any removal company in Ln10 Lincolnshire it is highly advised that you take full control of all personal documentation, ie bank cards, passport, also jewellery, money, spare car keys, phones, etc and keep any other valuable items on your possession. It’s a good idea to keep these in the boot of your car at all times while the move is under way.

Decide the level of insurance cover you will require

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong you will need to ensure you have removal Insurance in place. When moving home with our removal company in Ln10 Lincolnshire you will always have free of charge removal insurance (for goods in transit) to the value of £10,000. If this is not a large enough figure it can be easily increased to accommodate the value of the furniture and goods you are moving to £20,000, £50,000 plus.

Finding the removal date thats best for you

As an experienced removal company in Ln10 Lincolnshire we know finding a suitable date with your solicitors and estate agents can sometimes be a nightmare.

We have come up with a perfect solution to combat these issues. If you have an estimated date of the move, we can potentially pencil you into the diary for that day and wait closer to that time for a confirmation from yourselves. Once a date is confirmed we will send out a confirmation email for reassurance of your booking.

Will your items and furniture fit into your new home

Another important factor to think about when moving home in Ln10 Lincolnshire is to check the size of your bigger bulkier items (beds, Wardrobes, Sofas etc) to see if they will fit through awkward spaces in the new home, especially on the stairs or around really tight corners.

How our removal quotes work

All removal quotations will be a set price as we dont not charge by the hour. To ensure you get the best most accurate quotation we will calculate the distance of travel, the volume of furniture you have, the services you require, the size and number of vehicles, the number of movers and how many days the move may take.

Set up utilities and subscriptions for your new home

When planning on moving home in Ln10 Lincolnshire it is important that you organise your broadband connections and change the address on your TV licence, along with letters for the day you want to move in. You can notify Royal Mail of your change of address and all of your service providers Britsh Gas etc. Click on organisation to notify for a detailed list.

If you are moving home in Lincolnshire and want that professional help and assistance get in touch with our dedicated removals team today we are more than happy to help.

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