House removal costs Northampton | Find out how removal companies work out your removal costs

No matter the size of your property, when moving home you will no doubt have a lot of furniture , beds and sofas that will require moving to your new home and location. To do this affectively you will need to organize your chosen removals company to ensure all furniture is transported to the new location safely. However the questions that comes into mind when planning a home relocation and removal companies to help with the move is: How much is the move likely to cost. Our home movers guide on the house removal costs Northampton will help to ensure you have a rough idea of the cost involved and what your removal costs will be based upon.

What Are Removal Costs Based On When Hiring House Removal Companies in Northampton

House removal costs are based on a number of major factors regarding the nature of your move. A few of these factors taken into account include:

  • The type of property you are moving from
  • The volume of furniture you have to be moved
  • The distance of travel to the new home and location
  • Any additional removal services taken

The Type Of Property You Have

If moving from a flat or apartment your removal cost may become greater, especially if you are moving from the upper floors. This is because your moving company will have to organise more man power than usual to ensure the move is carried out effectively, efficiently and safely at all times. Loading items into small lifts or carrying them up and down flights of stairs can prove to be a very challenging and time-consuming tasks, that removal companies may charge for.

If moving from a 2, 3, 4 or 5 bedroom house then the process can be a lot easier. What your removal companies will be looking for is the access to the property and how easy items and furniture can be taken out of your home to the removal truck. Removal companies have a wide range of removal trucks that come in all sizes and prices to suit your exact needs and requirements.

Volume Of Furniture & Belongings

Many reputable house removal companies in Northampton & Northamptonshire will provide a free home survey. This is to determine the volume of space you’ll require, the number of movers needed and the size removal trucks required to move the furniture to new destination.

The more furniture you have the more your move is likely to cost. Many people organise a house clearance to help to reduce the amount of clutter and old furniture they have within the home.

Distance Of Travel To New Home

The distance of travel to your new home will play a major role in the removal costs provided by your chosen removal companies. For example if moving 5-10 miles away from Kettering to Wellingborough is classed as a local move.

Where as moving 200 miles away from Northampton to Barnstaple Devon UK is classed as a long distance nationwide removals and will cost a lot more, due to the distance and hours of travel.

Additional Removal Services taken

As well as the move itself, it is possible for your removals company to carry out a home packing service, dismantling and assembling service, piano removals service, house clearance service, a self storage service and a unpacking service to all clients moving home. These are additional services that removal companies offer on top of the move. Many removal companies in Northampton will offer great discounts to clients when taking a majority of removal services.

Find The Most Accurate Examples Of What Costs & Prices You Could Expect To Pay For Your Home Move

All removal prices are an indication and you will need to get a free quote from your removals company to confirm prices

2 Bedroom Property | Removal Costs

For a 2 bedroom house or flat removal service locally (approx 10 miles to new home) the price of your move could be in the region of (approx) £265 and as much as £400 depending on the volume of furniture etc.

For a 2 bedroom house removal service travelling a long way (approx 100-150 miles) you will be expecting to pay in the region of  (approx) £750 or as much as £1100 which will depend on circumstances and distance of travel.

For a 2 bedroom home packing service you could be expecting to pay a further £150-£300 on top of your removal price.

3 Bedroom Property | Removal Costs

For your average 3 bedroom house removal service locally (approx 10 miles to new home) you could expect to pay (approx) as little as £400 and as much as £650 depending on how many removal men and vehicles needed.

For your average 3 bedroom home packing service you could be expected to pay a further £300£400 (approx) on top of your original house removal quotation.

For a 3 bedroom house removal service travelling a long distance (approx 100-150 miles) you could be expected to pay (approx) as little as £900 or as much as £1400 again depending on your personal situation, circumstances, needs and requirements.

4-5 Bedroom Property | Removal Costs

For a 4-5 bedroom house removal service locally you could be expecting to pay in the region of (approx) £650 or as much as £850 depending on circumstances.

For your avg 4-5 bedroom house removal service travelling on a long distance the price you could pay could be (approx) as little as £900 or as much as £1700 which all depend on your house removal and circumstances.

For your 4-5 home packing service a further estimated £400-£600 will be needed.

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