Quality House Removals In Belper Derbyshire

  • Introduction to house removals in Belper Derbyshire
  • 17 Moving House Tips and tricks
  • Be prepared
  • Recycle unwanted items
  • get boxes ahead of time
  • Choose the right removal firm
  • Create a list of your furniture
  • Give yourself enough time to pack
  • How to pack like a pro
  • Purchase top quality boxes and materials
  • Label all items
  • Organise your utilities
  • Keep a box with the thing you need every day
  • Take picture of wires and cables
  • Take a trip to see the new home and area
  • Keep all addresses and information up to date
  • Appreciate your movers and packers
  • Let us help you
  • Conclusion


Moving house is known to be the most stressful time in many of our lives. It’s not always down the stress of the house removal it self. It can involve the stress of dealing with your solicitors or estate agents. Visiting your new home on multiple occasions before buying. Or waiting log periods for the builder to have work completed. It’s no wonder by the time it comes to the long painful search of looking for reliable and professional removal companies, patience has ran thin. But not all has to end there. A reputable and experienced house moving company, just like MnM Removals will be happy to assist and ensure you and your family can settle comfortably in to your new home.

With out the correct advice and moving experience any house removal can become a nightmare. If moving home and need a house removals in Belper Derbyshire or UK, then this article is for you.

  • Be prepared ahead of time

Moving house is a physical task that uses a lot of energy. You will not want to leave all the preparations until the very last minute. The best thing to do is to give your self at least 8 weeks to pack and try to pack room by room or one room at a time. We understand that many people that are moving home are notified of the move at the last minute. If this is the case, then you may need to hire a removal company to complete a full home pack and moving service. It’s always better to be prepared ahead of time, rather than experience issues on removals day.

  • Recycle as much as you can before moving

Whether preparing for your house removals in Belper Derbyshire or from some other location in the East Midlands UK. It is always a good idea to remove the damaged items and items you will no longer need, before moving to the new house. This method is perfect if you are downsizing to a smaller property in Derbyshire, or when moving in to a care home or a small flat.

Many house removal companies in Derbyshire provide house clearance services. Where they will come and clear the items for you. Some may even pay for the items. Which leads to my next point. A house clearance will also help you save money on your removal costs as you will be moving less items to the new home.

  • Gather the materials you need ahead of time

The less time spent shopping the better, if you know you are going to be moving home in the next 6 months, purchase some quality boxes. 10 at a time. Until you have enough boxes and materials to pack your home. Having these materials on the ready makes the job easier and less time-consuming. Allowing you to complete your packing in your own time.

  • Create your own removal inventory

One of the most important things you and your removal company will want to know when you are moving. Is what items and furniture you will be taking with you. creating a list of the items will give you peace of mind that every item is accounted for. Your removal company can visit you at home to help you to create your removal inventory. All items will be listed, all boxes will be numbered and so on. A inventory will make it easier to unpack your boxes and items.

  • Choose a reliable house removals company

Once you have determined which removal services best suit your needs. You can then go ahead and start the search of looking for a reliable removals company that meets your exact needs and demands.

With so many removal companies online it can now be much harder to find the right one suited to your move. Without a doubt you would only want the best movers to complete your move.

Before making the design of choosing a removals company you will want to just check

  • the reputation
  • years of experience
  • the removal insurance
  • the efficiency and careful team
  • the reviews
  • the rates
  • the extras

Once your chosen removal company ticks all the above you should be just fine to go ahead and make your choice.

  • Give your self time to pack up

If packing your own item. It is vital that you give your self enough time to get these tasks done. Many removal companies will not mind customers packing their own belongings, bit be sure all items are packed and ready in time for when the movers arrive. Packing a home does take time to ensure your home contents are pack to a high standard.

  • How to pack like a pro

To ensure your home contents are packed its best o ensure that any item smaller than a microwave, is bubble wrapped and place safely in to a removal box and them labeled with all contents and room. This method will need to be completed for all items like toys, plates, vases and cutlery. This will secure the items when being transported to the new home. It is also a good idea to use bubble wrap or tea towels, or news paper for cushioning the box and the items in side.

Larger items like mattresses will need strong durable plastic mattress protecters and sofas protectors to keep your larger items safe. you will need to purchase tv boxes or mirror and picture boxes if required or use bubble wrap and removal blankets for cushioning.

Don’t try to pack all in one day. Instead pack a few boxes are a room at a time. This will help you to clear one room quickly and then move on to pack the next.

  • Purchase top quality boxes and materials

The best place to order removal boxes in from your removals company. The have the best boxes for home moving and that will ensure your belongs arrive at the new home safely. Removal boxes are always double wall, withA grade thickness. Speak to your movers and see what deals they may have on removal boxes and packaging materials. They can also provide you boxes and packaging materials in bulk.

  • Organise your connections & utilities

Another factor to consider when moving home is to arrange for your connections to set up at the new for when you move in. You will need to contact your Gas, Water, Electricity, Broadband and Tv provide, notifying them of your move. Many of these task can now be done online through your providers official website.

  • Label all items

Labelling your items properly will help you when it comes to unloading and unpacking them. When you pack a box label all the items which are inside on to the boxes. This will make life easier for you and the movers when off-loading as you will not need to stop to look in to boxes to see what inside before deciding on where in the house it will go. You can use different colours and stickers to categorise the boxes.

  • Keep a box with the things you need every day

When packing your boxes you will want to keep a box at the side with all the essentials that you will need as soon as you arrive at the new home. The things you may need include a kettle, munchies, creams, shower gels and any other items you may need for the first night in your new home.`

  • Visit your new home and area

Once all preparations have been done. The movers are booked in. The removal date has been confirmed. Now will be a good time to arrange a visit to see the new home and area with your family. Take the day out to check the neighbourhood, meet the neighbours and see what wonderful parks and attractions you have on your door step. Your children may want to take a look at the new school and explore the new area.

  • Update your new home address

You will need to contact your organisations and update your old address with your new address. The last thing you need is your mail and parcels ending up at the old home once you have moved. Updating your insurance, the electoral role, bank bank details, driving licence, subscriptions and mail is vital to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. You can update your details easily using Gov Government websites or your organisations official web site like Royal Mail.

  • Appreciate Your Movers and Packers

It’s a good idea to build a friendly relationship with your movers. You may be with them for a day or 2, so if you wish you can treat your movers and packersĀ  Once the movers arrive you can either provide them with drinks or food. You can even provide a tip if you feel they have worked hard for you. But this is up to you.

      • Let us help you

If you are planning a house move, you are precisely in the right place. You can check the entire list of house removal companies along with their reviews in your area. So take your first step and contact the best removal companies in your area now. For The Best Moving Company & FREE Quote Click Here. Or submit a removal inventory.


We hope you have found this blog post on how to move home helpful. This post has contained housing moving tips and tricks that can make a somewhat stressful experience more exciting. We hope we have provided you with some exciting house moving guidelines.

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