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Moving home or business premises in Hyson Green, Clifton, Woodthorpe, Wilford, West Bridgford or across Nottingham. If so, you have come to the right removals company. Getting things organised for removals or storage can be exciting, but at the same time it is a complex task, that requires using up a great deal of energy. If you are planning a relocation. Hiring our dedicated moving company and removal agents will help. We aim to save you a lot of time and money, whether moving home in Nottinghamshire or further afield.

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We Take Care Of Any Move

With the assistance of our fast, friendly and professional moving team, we can complete the most complexed of home and business moves. So whether moving from a 6 bedroom house or a large office space, you can rely on our expertise to ensure your move is completed to the highest of standards. We offer the best moving home quotes and services for our clients in Nottinghamshire.

Trusted House Removals and Storage Company in Nottinghamshire

MnM Removals Nottingham is one of the best most convenient removal companies around. We take great care of our clients furniture and property. We are unlike any other removal firm in Nottinghamshire. We get a good understanding of our clients needs, requirements and demands. As this ensures we always meet our clients expectations when moving home or business. We work with estate agents and land lords.

Hire MnM Removals When Moving in Nottingham We Do All The Hard Work!

On removals day you will have a specialist team of home or office movers. Your movers will complete all the loading and unloading of your items, belongings and furniture. All items and furniture will be protected with removal blankets once loaded in to our removal vehicles. Your movers will also wear shoe protectors or use floor covers to protect your floors and carpets from getting damaged when moving. Once at the new location your movers will offload all furniture and boxes into the correct rooms of your choice. Making it easier for you settle in comfortable to your new surroundings.

Removals & Storage in Hyson Green Clifton Woodthorpe Wilford West Bridgford

Affordable Container Storage & Self Storage in Nottinghamshire

Wondering how you are going to get your bulky items and furniture into storage. Not to worry. MnM Removals and team can provide a full packing services, and then load all items on to our trucks and take your belongings into storage for you. This is a simple affordable option for our removal clients that need storage but have no way of transporting their furniture to storage. We have 20ft containers available and self storage units in Nottinghamshire. Get in touch for a free quote or use or inventory form listed below.

Self Storage Sizes Available

Our relocation company MnM Removals provides a wide selection of self storage units in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and across the UK. All of our self storage units come in different sizes, shapes and prices. We have self storage units big enough to accommodate and store 5-6+ bedroom homes. Below you will see a list of the sizes for the self storage units we provide.

Self Storage Sizes

  • 10sqft student luggage + small combo van
  • 20sqft student room  + small combo van
  • 25sqft large student shared room + small combo van
  • 35sqft 2 bed shared room + transit sized van
  • 50sqft large 1 bedroom flat + luton box van
  • 75sqft small 2 bedroom flat + luton box van
  • 100sqft 1-2 bedroom house + luton box van
  • 125sqft 2-3 bedroom house + 2 x luton box vans
  • 150sqft 3 bed house with garage contents + 7.5 tonne box van
  • 175sqft 4 bedroom house + 7.5 tonne van and luton box van
  • 200sqft 4 bedroom house with garage and garden items 2 x 7.5 tonne vans
  • 250sqft 4 bedroom house + 2 x 7.5 tonne vans and 1 luton

Above you will see all the self storage sizes of the units we provide, to our clients preparing for removals & storage in Hyson Green Clifton Woodthorpe Wilford West Bridgford. As well as the vehicle sizes needed to transport your belongings safely into storage.

Moving Service For Removals & Storage in Hyson Green Clifton Woodthorpe Wilford West Bridgford

Pick your desired moving services. You choose exactly what services you need and how much help you think you will need when moving. Our team will carry out the move to the best of our ability. Below we have list some fo the moving services you can hire.

  • House Removals
  • Office Removals
  • Home Packing and Unpacking
  • House Clearance
  • Dismantling and Assembling Furniture
  • Boxes and Packaging Materials
  • Bereavement Clearance
  • Self Storage
  • Container Storage
  • Piano Removals

Here Is Why You Should Choose MnM Removals For Your Next Move

  • Dedicated, Fast, Friendly & Professional Moving & Packing Team
  • Free Quotes & Survey’s
  • The Best Removals Services Provided
  • Affordable & Transparent Quotes & Pricing
  • Simple Stress-Free Bookings
  • Fully Qualified, Experienced & Insured Moving Company
  • Small or Large House or Office Removals
  • Local or Long Distance Home or Office Moves
  • Specialist care and assistance for the elderly and people moving home with disabilities across Nottinghamshire
  • Large Fleet of Removal Vehicles
  • Flexible with waiting times, delays and unforeseen circumstances

Planning a Removals & Storage in Hyson Green Clifton Woodthorpe Wilford West Bridgford or across Nottinghamshire

If moving to a new property in Nottinghamshire get in touch with our experienced moving team. We are always happy to help where ever we can. call us on 08000025543 for the best removals and storage quotation.

Here you can list all the items you wish to move or store. For a the best services and a fixed price quotation hire MnM Removals & Storage in Hyson Green Clifton Woodthorpe Wilford West Bridgford & Nottinghamshire.

Removals & Storage in Hyson Green Clifton Woodthorpe Wilford West Bridgford

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