The most convenient way on how you can save money moving home

How to save money when choosing your house removal companies. There are many cost-effective options one can do to save money moving home. Whether that be completing your own packing, purchasing boxes from shops or markets or dismantling all your larger items and furniture. The following guide will help you to save money moving home and help to ensure your home move is a success.

Choose Your Removals Company & Get A Quote

1. To ensure you hire can a removals company and save money moving home, you will need to obtain a full break down of the removal costs, from your movers. Get a quote for the move it self, the packing, the dismantling and assembling, it may be a good idea to get a removals quote for the unpacking as well. From here you can determine, how much work you would like your removals company to do and which removal services you will need and can afford within your budget.

Be Sure Your Move Is Thought-out

2. Always arrange a free home survey. Requesting a free home survey will help your removals company to quote you accurately and for the volume of furniture actually have, rather than guessing. When removal companies provide a quote over the phone they have no idea of what your move will involve, this can lead to extra charges later on or hiccups on the move. Be sure to have a home survey before receiving your removals quote.

Get Rid Of Junk

3. Ask your house removals company whether they provide a house clearance service. Hiring your removals company to complete your house clearance services as well as your move, may leave room for a discounted rate on your house clearance. Not only that, your house clearance is an improtant part of every move. Donating, giving away and recycling old, tatty and unwanted items or furniture, can help to reduce the overall cost of your move and reduce the amount of clutter within the new home.

Sell Unwanted Stuff

4. Try selling all unwanted items and furniture on Ebay or Gumtree to help fund your move. Set up a stall, garage sale or car boot to help shift those unwanted items and furniture.

Be Sure Your Covered

5. Removal insurance is an optional service, however many removal companies quotes will include full content insurance. If you are moving on a budget, have a word with your moving company to see if the removal insurance covers all your furniture and items, in the likely hood of an accident.

Delays With New Home Keys

6. Nearly every person moving home will experience some sort of delay, and this not because the moving van has turned up late, instead customers moving home can find themselves left waiting for hours, with the removal men, waiting for either estate agents to release the keys to the new property or waiting for the solicitors to have contracts signed and monies transferred. This process can cause real frustration for many home movers, as they are powerless to do any thing but wait, which can accure extra charges by your moving company. Find out exactly what time you will receive the keys to your new home and provide this information to your removals company.

DIY Vs Removals Company

7. Thinking of doing it your self? We would always recommend that you way up the odds.

  • Hiring a removal van
  • Asking friends and family for help
  • Buying own packaging materials, blankets and boxes
  • Packing up all items and furniture
  • Loading and Unloading

There really is so much to consider when completing a DIY move, we have listed just a few things to help you to decide whether it is cheaper and wiser to do the move your self. The cost of our move should be a walk in the park, compared to the overall costs of moving home, for example

  • Mortgage
  • Stamp Duty
  • Valuation Fees
  • Legal Fees

Check Map Of Route To New Home

8. Check the routes to your new home destination. If your move involves travelling through tolls, traveling through emission zones or parking on red lines or double yellows, let your removals company know in advance. As many removal companies may charged for parking fines, or may charge if moving to an emission zone areas, like London. If worried ask your removals company, they will be able to offer the best advice to avoid these types of charges.

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