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Container storage and self storage units in Leicestershire are in high demand. You may need to store your belongings, business products, equipments and tools for as long as 1 week or 1 year. What ever your self storage requirements, you can be sure MnM Removals has your best interests at heart. We offer various self storage services for commercial or residential use. Make storing your items and furniture stress free.

Do Need Help Moving Your Furniture In To Storage?

How we can help when moving into self storage Leicestershire

MnM Removals provides affordable container storage and self storage in Leicestershire, that is simple and stress-free. Why deal with all the stress of packing your furniture, purchasing removal boxes, hiring a large van etc. Instead, let our fast, friendly and professional removals and storage team in Leicestershire move your belongings for you.

If you prefer you can arrange for our furniture packaging team to have removal boxes delivered directly to your door, so you can pack and box your own items. Once packed up, our Leicestershire removals and storage team, will come to relocate them safely into our self storage unit for you.

Visiting your self storage Leicestershire

Container storage and self storage clients in Leicestershire or further afield can visit our self storage sites at any time 7 days week, during working hours. If you need access to your furniture after hours please let our removals company know when booking in your self storage unit. Our storage sites, our customer friendly and have lifts and easy wheel chair access.

Personal container storage & self storage Leicestershire

MnM Removals and storage caters for residential clients and prides its self on being the best when it comes to helping our clients store their belongings. If you are moving house and your new homes not ready you may need our self storage or container storage facilities to store your furniture until the new home is ready. May be you are arranging a house clearance, after a family member has deceased and you want to store some valuable items. What ever the reason we guarantee a safe storage solution.

Business container storage & self storage Leicestershire

If your business has tons of old files and paper work cluttering your office. Our self storage units in Leicestershire could be the ideal solution for your business. Old files, office furniture and your products or stock can be stored, sorted and sold all from our self storage facilities in Leicestershire. As mentioned above, our removals and storage team can provide a full office packing service, along with the packaging and the safe transportation to our storage facility.

Student container and self storage Leicestershire

Leicester has one of the best 2 universities in the UK, De Montfort Uni – DMU and the University Of Leicester hwhich is popular with international students and students across the UK. Many of our students tent to leave Leicester and move back to families or friends in the own cities or overseas. Many students leave to go home for the summer and Christmas seasons and return once Uni has started back up again.

If this is the case and you will be returning back to Leicestershire once university has started. Then why not store your course work, furniture, belongs and personal items into our safe storage facility. We will keep all your items safe until you are back. Notify our removals and self storage team in advance and we will meet you at you halls of residence or your shared home to offload your furniture and belongings.

Self storage sizes

MnM Removals provides a wide selection of self storage units in Leicestershire, that come in different sizes, shapes and prices. We have self storage units big enough to accommodate and house 5-6+ bedroom homes. Below you will see a list for the sizes of self storage units we provide.

  • 10sqft student luggage + small combo van
  • 20sqft student room  + small combo van
  • 25sqft large student shared room + small combo van
  • 35sqft 2 bed shared room + transit sized van
  • 50sqft large 1 bedroom flat + luton box van
  • 75sqft small 2 bedroom flat + luton box van
  • 100sqft 1-2 bedroom house + luton box van
  • 125sqft 2-3 bedroom house + 2 x luton box vans
  • 150sqft 3 bed house with garage contents + 7.5 tonne box van
  • 175sqft 4 bedroom house + 7.5 tonne van and luton box van
  • 200sqft 4 bedroom house with garage and garden items 2 x 7.5 tonne vans
  • 250sqft 4 bedroom house + 2 x 7.5 tonne vans and 1 luton

Above you will see the storage sizes of our self storage units, as well as the vehicle sizes needed to transport your belongings safely into storage.

Make your home move simple and stress free

Choose exactly how much help you think you’ll need when moving home. Our friendly home movers will be on side to assist you no matter your needs or requirements. If moving with a large family, then we will ensure that you and your children can settle comfortably into your new home for the first night. If you are elderly or moving with a disability, you can rely on our home movers, who are dedicated to moving families, elderly and people with disabilities.

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