How to avoid being conned, scammed and choosing the wrong house removals company for your home move in the East Midlands

When choosing a removals company in the East Midlands it is all about trust. But how do you trust a removals company you have never hired or heard of before. MnM Removals has provided the perfect guide on the simple tips to avoid a con or scam when moving home for individuals and families. This information will help to protect you and your move, whether moving home in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton, Rutland or the UK.

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Be sure to meet your movers face to face

Moving to a new home and hiring a house removals company, it is very important that you request a free home survey. This way you can meet your removals where you can ask your questions in much more detail, rather than over the phone. This gives you the ultimate chance to see whether this is the removals company for your or not. If your removal companies refuses to complete a home viewing, it may be best trying another company instead.

Gather recommendations

One of the perfect people to ask when moving home is your local estate agents, friends and family. Many of them may have moved home before and can request moving companies for you to choose from. Word of mouth is the one of the best ways to find a reputable moving company.

Investigate your removal companies

Many removal companies will have reviews that are listed about them on-line for you to see. Be careful with removal companies that only have five-star reviews as they may be fraudulent. 9 times out of 10 removal clients only ever leave reviews when some thing bad has happened.

Be aware of companies that only list mobile phones

Clients moving home should be always have an official land-line number or 0800 numbers that is link to its website. This will tell you that the removal company has an official number that can be tracked to a specific address. Where as a mobile phone number can not be traced and can be changed at any time.

Request a moving contract for all removal services

A written contract is essential when moving home. This protects you and your moving company. The contract should be listed with all removal services and work to be carried out at your home. The contract will ensure there are no hidden charges or surprises on removal day.

Be cautious of compare removal websites

Many rogue removal companies list themselves on compare websites, so that they can blend in with other reputable removal companies. As compare removal websites have thousands of people passing through, it is inevitable that a small percentage of the sites users will choose the rouge removal companies. When choosing your removals company its vital to choose a reputable removals company like MnM Removals who will ensure your most loved possessions are safe and transported safely to your new home.

Avoid removal companies that charge per hour

When moving home the last thing you need is to be charge by the hour by your removal company. Being charged by the hour you are left unaware of how long the move will take and how much the move will cost. This is the signs of a disaster removal. Many removal companies and man and van companies that charge by the hour will tend to make it a long day, which will bounce the price up at the end of your moving day. We would recommend choosing a set/fixed price quote for your move.

Be sure your removal companies insurance covers your belongings

Many removal companies will have goods in transit insurance and public liability insurance in place. This is in case your home or furniture is damaged during the move. Many rouge removal companies may not have this level of insurance in place so it’s always best to ask for a copy if your move involves moving high-end, expensive or designer furniture.

Don’t always go with the cheapest removals quote

When moving home it is wise to get at least 3 removal quotes from several removal companies in your area. The cheapest removal quote is not always the best, as rouge removal companies will tempt you with the cheapest removals quote, claiming to cover all the services you need and require. Sounds good, untill they either don’t turn up or cause excessive damage or worst disappear with all your most loved possessions. Be sure the quote provided is official and is provided by the move manager that completed your home survey.

Be sure your movers have been trading for the last 10 years

If your removal company has been trading for over 10 years this is proof that they will be more genuine. Removal companies should be part of organisations such as B.A.R where removal customers have some where official to lodge complaints or dissatisfaction.

To avoid choosing a cowboy removal firm get in touch with a member of our friendly team we will happy to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding your move and the moving process.