Size of stairs and doors matters when moving furniture for house removals

Before buying or renting a new home or apartment it is wise to consider the size of the stair cases, doors and lifts before you begin to buy any type of furniture. This is because the size of stairs and doors matters when moving furniture for house removals.This will be a great help when you come to move furniture in to your new home.

One of the most over looked issues is how to get furniture in to a new house or apartment. In some extreme cases you may have to remove a ground or up stairs window in order to fit bigger items of furniture like sofas or even wardrobes, that are to big for external door frames this can be a real pain so be sure to check in advance and inform your house removal company as they may be able to assist you with hiring the right professional for the job.

Window removal

The width of your stairs is not always critical, but becomes very important when there are one or more turns with straight runs. Limited head room can also be a problem although narrow hallways are often more of an obstruction when moving furniture then low head room, narrow steps and cramped turns.  Traditional stair ways have one banister and wall on the other side the banister may need to be removed if required.

Stairs Case

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