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Whether you are buying a house, moving home in Stapleford, Belper, Beeston, Mansfield, Ilkeston, Matlock, Brailsford or Melbourne you will need a house removals company that can provide a professional service at a fair and cost-effective price. This is where MnM Removals can help. We work out the most cost-effective method tailored to your moving needs and requirements.

Fast Friendly & Professional House Removals in Stapleford & Belper

MnM Removals understands how important your move actually is and the stress you can be under when moving home, especially if moving from a large 2-3-4 bedroom house with children and dealing with those removal chores can at times feel draining. This is why we will provide a personal move coordinator who plan and organise all aspects of your home relocation and offer the care and support you need when moving home.

Home Packing Services in Stapleford & Belper

When moving home it is very important to ensure all your furniture and home belongings are wrapped and protected using quality packaging and materials. Packing smaller items into removal boxes and wrapping ding tables and chairs will help to keep your furniture from getting scratched or scraped when being moved. Without this protection you risk items getting damaged. Our home packing team will notify you if they find any items that may require packing. MnM Removals is very flexible and customers can decide whether they want us to pack, pack themselves, or for us to pack “just the fragile items”.

House Clearance in Stapleford & Belper

For any successful house removal you will need to get rid of old unused furniture, belongings, clutter and junk that you have accumulated over the years. Not only will a house clearance save you money on your house removal as you now have less furniture to move, but a house clearance will also help reduce the clutter in your new home, providing the space you and your family need for a fresh start. As well our house clearance services for home movers we also offer bereavement clearance services and house clearance services to landlords and estate agents in Stapleford & Belper.

Household Furniture Self Storage & Container Storage in Stapleford & Belper

Sometimes when moving home things are out of your hands. If you have just sold your home, but the new home is not ready to move into yet, you will have no choice but to move your household furniture into storage or into rented accommodation until your new home is ready. If this is the case for you MnM Removals can help. We can store for as long as you may need and all customers have their own key and pad locks to return to their storage unit as when they please. With the latest cctv, burglar alarms and fire detectors we have the perfect solution for all your storage needs.

Piano Removals in Stapleford & Belper

Many house removals now involve moving pianos. To move a piano safely you will need the right moving equipment along with careful and experienced piano movers that abide strictly to a health and safety scheme. Your piano is probably the most expensive item within the home so proper measures will need to be taken when moving them. Removal insurance will need to be in place to the value of the piano before it can be moved. We move all pianos from upright pianos, baby grand pianos and grand pianos dismantling the feet wrapping the piano and securing the piano with straps to the removal vehicle before setting of to your new home.

Things To Consider When Moving Home in Stapleford or Belper

With so much to do and think about when moving home we have created some task to help you to have a successful and stress free home move when moving home in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire

  • Speak to your  solicitors and estate agents about when you will be able to move into your new home and when the new house keys will be released
  • Arrange your house removals company in advanced, order all your removal boxes & packaging materials and start packing at least 4 weeks before you move
  • Arrange for children and pets to picked up by relatives early on removals day. This will ensure you have full focus on the moving process
  • Let your service providers know you are moving home address (Royal Mail, British Gas, Sky, Eon). Provide them with your new details and arrange for services to be set up at your new home.
  • Keep all documents, passports, spare car keys, money, jewellery, and any other valuable items in a safe place. Leave them with relatives until the move is complete
  • Arrange a house clearance service to clear away your clutter and unwanted furniture, instead of moving it to the new home

Other task you may need to be aware 

  • Arrange for children’s school uniform, books and files to be faxed or posted to their new school and head teacher
  • Be sure to take meter readings, provide the reading to your suppliers so you are not charged for services you have not used.
  • Label all removal boxes, this will make it easy for you when it comes to unpacking and the removal men when placing your boxes into the correct rooms.
  • Depending on the weather outside you may want to lay down some carpet protection on removals day to avoid floors or carpets getting dirty.
  • Be sure to pack an emergency box with all the essentials you’ll need for when you arrive at you new home.
  • If possible give your new home a good clean before having your furniture placed inside.

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