Advice on how to prepare a TV for removals in Southwell Nottinghamshire

The last thing you want when moving home in Southwell is to arrive at the new house to find your tv set has a cracked screen or is not working at all. To avoid damaging your TV its vital that you follow our advice on how to prepare a TV for removals in Southwell which will ensure you correctly package and box your TV to the manufacturers guidelines.

Here is a list of all the packaging you will need to ensure your TV is packed and ready for removal day

To ensure your TV is packedĀ  safley it is best to keep the original packaging and box that the TV came in. If you do not have the original packaging you will the need to purchase the following.

  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Bubble wrap bags
  • Thin slice of cardboard
  • TV box
  • Removal blankets
  • Elastic bands

Moving tips on how to prepare a TV for removals in Southwell Nottinghamshire

  • Remove all wires and cables from the back of the tv
  • Label or colour code each cable so you can fit them easily at the new home.
  • Fold each cable and secure using a rubber band.
  • Place each cable separately in to a bubble wrap bag and secure corners with tape.
  • Using bubble wrap wrap the TV once or twice then seal with tape.
  • Using the thin slice of cardboard, place this over the bubble wrap on the side of the TV that has the screen then secure with tape.
  • Now the tv is covered and protected you can place it into the TV box.
  • Just before placing the tv in to the tv box, lay down some bubble wrap on the floor of the box.
  • Then place the TV in to the box on top of the bubble wrap, which will act as a shock absorber.
  • Once the TV is inside the box cover with a removal blanket.
  • If you have a big TV box place all cables inside the box or you may want to put the cables in to a separate box instead.
  • Fill in all the gaps and spaces inside the box with bubble wrap, which will stop the TV from moving or rattling in side when moved.
  • Once the TV is all secure you will need to label your box and secure using strong tape.
  • When moving your TV its is best to use 2 people by holding the handles on each side of the box,
  • Place the box into a spare room where the movers can load on removal day.

That is the end of our step by step guide on how to prepare a tv for removals in Southwell, Nottinghamshire.

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