Find the best storage advice & tips for self storage Leicester and surrounding areas

Require a safe and secure storage facility in Leicester or Leicestershire. The following guide on storage tips for self storage Leicester will ensure you tick all the right boxes when moving furniture in to self storage units. Self storage has become more and more popular over the years as households accumulate 10 times more furniture and items than previous years, hence the need for extra storage space.

How To Store Your Items and Furniture 

When placing your items into storage you will want to be sure they stay, safe, clean and undamaged. There are several simple ways in which to do this.

Pack all items on to pallets and secure using shrink-wrap, this will allow for easy loading and will keep your items from touch dirty floors, where furniture can get marks when left standing for some time.

Pack each item individually, purchase sofa, mattress, and table covers, this will add extra protection to your items whilst being stored. Wrap and box each and every item, fragile and non-fragile.

Be sure that all glass is fully protected using bubble wrap and moving blankets cardboard can be used and will help to keep it safe from scrapes and being damaged.

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How To Maximize Your Self Storage Space

  • Dismantling larger furniture, like beds and wardrobes will help to save a massive amount of space, wrap each section to avoid them scratching other items once in transit. Dismantle your furniture placing all screw and bolts in to a clear plastic bag, be sure to label the bag, so you know which screw are for what.
  • Use Other items like chest of draws to store clothes of other essentials, this will use the space in the draws allowing for more room to store your belongings and furniture.
  • If you have a large sofa to be stored, this can be stood on it side to allow for extra space. Be sure the sofa is covered using a sofa protector before standing it on to its side.
  • Stack all boxes and furniture as high as possible, using the storage space to your advantage may include stacking right up to the ceiling. When stacking in this way it is vital all items are packed and secured properly in to boxes and or the correct packaging materials. Start with the most heaviest furniture first and then place the lighter furniture and items on top of each other. Removal blankets will be needed to cover items when place on top of each other.

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Storing Electronic Equipment

When storing tv, fridges, microwaves, cookers etc, it is best to store them in their original packaging and boxes if possible. Before placing your items into the original packaging, it is best to further protect them using bubble before putting them into the boxes. Fill the gaps in the box with foam, bubble wrap or blankets to stop the equipment from moving around inside the box.

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How To Get My Items In To Storage

There are many ways in which you can bring your items into storage, but this will depend on your needs and circumstances.

  • Many self storage companies will allocate a medium-sized van that customers needing storage can hire for the day, this will mean that you will need to organize friends or family to help you move your furniture into storage and may need to do multiple trips depending on the volume of furniture to stored.
  • The other option is hire a truck and doing the move yourself, this could take time and a lot of hard work, so you would need to leave plenty of room for time.
  • The other option is to hire a local house removals company, who will be able to dismantle, wrap, pack, box and load your entire home contents in to storage all within just a few hours, saving you time, money and physical hard work in the long run

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How To Find Items & furniture Easily When In Self Storage

The best way to ensure you get at your belongings once stacked up is to set out a color coded system and label all items clearly. For example all items in the bathroom should have a pink label, bedroom 1, bedroom  2 and bedroom 3 should have their own colors, this is one way to understand which room each item belongs to. Label the boxes on all  sides, so you know what is inside the box. This will save you opening many boxes, just to find the 1 item.

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How To Store My Best Clothing & Suits

For the bulk of your every day clothes, suit cases can work wonders, the keep your clothes neat, clean and tidy and also stop mold and moisture getting in. However black bin liners can also be used to store your older clothing. Storing clothes in black bin liners means you can store them in small gaps and use them to cushion awkward items. For your most expensive suits it is best to store them in wardrobe cartons with hanging rails. These can hold roughly 5 suits at a time and can take up more room in your self storage unit.

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Things You Can Not Store into Self Storage

  • Food
  • Flammables
  • caustic
  • combustible
  • Gas Tanks

All of the above contain oil, petrol and cleaning fluids and liquids which can be very hazardous when stored in self storage with tonnes of furniture, so these items and flammables are prohibited. If in doubt ask your self storage representative they will be happy to assist your exact needs and requirements.


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