Are you in need of extra storage space Leicestershire

From wardrobes, beds, white goods, sofas, we can store it all. When ever you need a safe and secure storage space, to store your furniture, you can count on our storage space Leicestershire to ensure you exact needs and requirements are met.

What Great Offers are there?

Our storage space Leicestershire is the ideal solution for your household or office storage. We offer great deals and discounts for all our clients. One of which is you pay for 4 weeks storage and get 8 weeks storage.

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Can I have my items collected from my destination?

Our storage team can arrange the pick up of your items or furniture to be stored. We can also offer a full packing services, using our expert packers & movers. If you do decide to complete the packing your self, we can provide the quality materials you’ll need. Our main focus to ensure the entire process, is simple and stress free for all our clients moving into storage space Leicestershire.

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How secure are your storage premises?

Our storage space Leicestershire is fitted with the state of the art CCTV and intruder alarming systems, that are monitored round the clock. Electronic access is needed to gain direct access into the storage building. Each storage room is fully alarmed and come with its own padlock and key.

When using our storage space Leicestershire we will always ensure that your items and furniture is in the best of care.

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How long can I store my furniture for?

It is initially up to you, we can store for as little as for weeks or as long as 1 yr or 2. How ever long you require to use our storage you items will always be kept safe.

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Can I check on my furniture?

You are able to visit your storage space Leicestershire at any time, within working hours, staying for as long as you may need and taking items as and when you please.

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What size storage space will I need?

Your storage space will depend on your exact requirements and the volume of furniture you have to be stored. We have storage rooms available in different shapes and sizes and can accommodate, small or large homes, to small or large businesses.

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What other storage service do you offer?

We offer a wide range of storage services, we have listed a few below 

  • Archive / Document Storage
  • Business / Office Storage
  • Domestic / Overflow Storage
  • Student Storage

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If you require extra storage space in Leicestershire