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Moving to a school apartment building or student accommodation is a restless process. Especially, the one last week before moving into your accommodation is undoubtedly overwhelming and daunting. The stress of moving from one place to another leads you to overlook some things.
If you read on; it can be exciting and easy for you.

Student Moving can take place in two ways. Either you want to move home from your educational institution or move to your college or university. The experience can be daunting both ways because it needs a lot of planning and effort, especially if you are moving to another country.
Whether you are moving to another country like the USA, UK, Canada, or Europe to study at another college or you got admission to a university of your own country, you have to know about students moving.
This blog post is the ultimate student moving guide with a student moving checklist and packing tips. Whether you are a first-year, fourth-year student, junior or sophomore, we have covered you. We hope we can help you enjoy a stress-free moving experience.

Student Moving Tips

  • Start Early

The sooner you start preparing for student move, the easier things will get. As soon as you have the admission acceptance letter in your hand, search for a place to live in and think of all items needed.

Some universities offer on-campus stay for first-year students. At the same time, some may not provide this. So figure out all things on time and start early.

  • Make a student  checklist

Making a student checklist helps you keep track of things on a moving day. It enables you to prioritise all your crucial tasks and decrease the chances of losing essential items while in a hurry.

As a student, create a checklist of all the documents and items that you need to take with you for the semester.

It is imperative to jot down all necessary tasks and dates, so you do them on time. And keep removing all finished tasks.

Many excellent apps will help you properly manage your tasks. Then you can remove all those tasks that you have accomplished. You may use Google planner, Evernote or any other planner app that makes your student moving experience best.

  • Pack all essential items properly.

One important thing is to remember that overpacking is not a good thing. It makes your room messy, cramped and uncomfortable.

Packing only the most necessary items, you reduce the number of bags and boxes, and ultimately you see a massive impact on moving day.

Pack all of your essential clothes and other items. Also, ensure the weather of the place you are moving into and pack your wearing essentials accordingly.

Bedding essentials are also essential, and some student accommodation providers do not give you these. So make sure you take them with you. Also take some daily used toilet materials like air freshener, towel, hairdryer etc.

Lastly, you probably carry a handbag for things we use daily. Ensure that you have your mobile chargers, face mask, sanitisers etc.

Student Moving Complete Checklist

Student Moving Checklist
  • Academic Documents checklist for Student Moving

You must pack all the essential documents in a secure file. You will need them in college and, most notably, in the first few weeks of university.

Make copies of all important documents and put them somewhere else safe. If your original documents go missing, the copies can be of great help.

Below is a checklist of some essential documents, but you should have all the necessary documents you may need with you.

Here are some essential documents for student moving.

  • Course acceptance letter
  • All educational documents
  • Your Passport photos
  • Your student finance documents
  • National Insurance Card
  • Academic Items checklist for Student Moving

You can easily stock up on academic items in your college or university. But there are some essential educational items that you may want to take with you.

  • Pencils and pens
  • Journal or diary
  • Sticky notes
  • Stapler and staples
  • Paper clips
  • Highlighters etc

Taking a lot of academic items like books and notepads will weigh a lot and take up considerable space. You don't need to take all educational items and then move into college or university as there will be some shops which will provide almost all academic items.

You may receive a "reading list" from your institution, and buying them may sound right to you. But it's better first to move and then analyse the situation.

You may be able to find them in your library or borrow them from a classmate with zero additional cost. Doing so will save you time while packing for moving, decrease your load and save you some money too.

  • Electrical Items checklist for students moving

This is the age of electronics, and they have become part of our lives. So you will want to take some electrical and or entertainment items with you to your college or university - a laptop for example.

There are certain items that your college administration may not allow. So check with them if you are doubtful about an electronic item's permission or not.

Below is a list of electronic or entertainment items for students moving.

  • Mobile phone and chargers
  • Laptop or computer and their charger
  • Camera
  • Cable adapters
  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Hairdryer and hair styling tools
  • Kettle
  • Extension leads
  • External hard drive etc
  • Clothing and shoe checklist for students moving

This is not a big deal as most probably you will know what you want to wear and take to your university halls, shared housing or campus. We have made a student clothing checklist for you. This ensures that for all occasions, you have the right clothes. Also, this list may remind you of something that you have forgotten.

  • Formal clothes
  • Casual but smart clothes
  • Every day and comfortable clothes
  • Formal shoes 
  • Casual shoes
  • Coat or jacket (depending on the weather of the place where you are moving)
  • Nightwear
  • Slippers
  • Boots for winters
  • Swimwear
  • Toiletries checklist for students moving

You may purchase some toiletries before or after moving in. If you think you can buy them before moving and save some money. It is OK.

Also, if you think of purchasing them in your college or university to make your burden and hustle less, you may go for that as well. But, toiletries are crucial. Listed below is the essential toiletries list for students moving.

  • Towel
  • Soaps, shampoo, face wash
  • Razors
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Tweezers
  • Bandages
  • Products for hair styling
  • Clippers
  • Some other Items for students moving

Moreover, you should have some Kitchen supplies to make, eat and store food. Some colleges and universities provide these facilities, but you may also gather some kitchen items before moving in. Following are suggested kitchen supplies for students moving.

  • Knife, Spoon and Fork
  • Plates, Mug, Pot, Cups
  • Cooking items
  • Dish cleaning brush and soap
  • Can opener etc
  • Some other Items for students moving

Moreover, you should have some Kitchen supplies to make, eat and store food. Some colleges and universities provide these facilities, but you may also gather some kitchen items before moving in. Following are suggested kitchen supplies for students moving.

  • Knife, Spoon and Fork
  • Plates, Mug, Pot, Cups
  • Cooking items
  • Dish cleaning brush and soap
  • Can opener etc

Here are some other items that you may forget when packing. But often, they come in handy. Look if you could need them or not. Here is a list of such items.

  • Alarm clock
  • Sports equipment
  • A torch
  • Batteries
  • Books
  • Swiss army knife
  • Cards for playing

Additionally, suppose you want to make a room feel like home and give the room a personal touch. In that case, you can pack some additional items like family and friends pictures, wall mirrors, plants for decorations, country flags and quotes or images of someone who you are inspired from.

  • How to Pack items for students moving?

If you are not hiring a fantastic full service moving company, you will have to go through several packing steps. Even though house moving is different from student moving, a moving company who provides you with a man and a van helps a lot.

To have a hassle-free student move, ensure that you pack things correctly and smartly. Here are some student moving packing tips

  • Label all boxes
  • Put "Fragile" tags on fragile item boxes.
  • Ensure that fragile boxes are not under heavier boxes
  • You can take pictures of wires and cables: you can set up them right away later
  • If packages are empty, fill them. But avoid overloading boxes
  • Packing supplies

Suppose you have booked a man with a van or a student removal company that offers a full student moving service, including packing boxes. Then don't worry. Because they will have everything, you don't need to buy essentials to pack. If that's not the case, you may buy some packing supplies mentioned below.

  • Cardboard and wardrobe boxes
  • Bubble wrap and stretch plastic wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Permanent markers for labelling purposes
  • Packing tape with the tape dispenser
  • Moving blankets or furniture pads
  • Ziplock bags
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Dish pack
  • Padded wrapping paper
  • Conclusion

You have got the stuff ready, and if you are looking for a student removal company or simply a man with a van service, you are in the right place. You can contact us about student moving. We promise to make your student moving experience unique. Let us help you get your stuff packed and relocated with ease.

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