Moving Home in Leicestershire

House Removals Leicester – The Average Cost Of Moving House In Leicestershire

Get a realistic idea of how much it costs to move house in Leicestershire East Midlands & UK. This article on the cost of moving house in Leicestershire was created to give people moving home in Leicestershire, the East Midlands & UK an idea of the charges involved when moving house. This article explains the house removal fees, estate agent fees, conveyancing fees, stamp duty fees, property surveyor fees that are all included in the cost of moving home in Leicester. Read on to find out more about the true costs of buying a house and moving home in Leicestershire.

According to a recent homeowners survey the average cost of moving home in Leicestershire, the East Midlands is an eye watering £8,000. This is based on the average Leicester UK house prices, along with all of the necessary home moving fees involved.

Below we have provided a breakdown of the cost involved with moving home in Leicester

The Cost Of Selling Your Home In Leicestershire

Estate Agents Fees – The average high street estate agent in will charge between 1 and 2.5 % of the final property price. For example a property valued at £100,00 fees will range from £1,000 to0 £2,500.

Conveyancing Fees – The cost of conveyancing for a property in Leicester valued at £100,00 will range between £500 and £750. Along with the conveyance fee, Search fees of £250.00 and Land Registry fees of between £40 and £910 will also need to be paid when moving house in Leicester.

EPC Fees – Energy performance Certificates usually cost between £60 and £120.00 depending on the service provider you use. Your EPC reveals your property’s energy efficiency rating and whether it can be improved, based on the property type and the local area you are moving too.

How Much Does It Cost Of Buy A Home In Leicester

Stamp Duty Fees- Stamp Duty is a land tax that must be paid on all houses valued above £125,000. Stamp duty must be paid within 30 days of purchasing a new home. Fees depend on the value of your home and range from £2,500 for a home worth £125,000 up to £93,000 for a home valued at £1,500,00.

Property Surveyors Fees – There are 4 main types of property surveys to choose from

  • Condition Report Fees  A basic survey costing around £250.00 and including a property valuation
  • Homebuyer Report Fees – A more in-depth survey not including a valuation costs around £400.00
  • Home Condition Survey Fees – Providing a report of any highlighted issues and fixes, costing £500.00
  • Building Survey Fess – In-depth look behind the furniture including walls and floorboards, including a valuation will cost £600.00+

Conveyancing Fees – The cost of conveyancing for a property valued at £100,00 will range between £500 and £750.00. Along with the conveyance fee, Search fees of £250.00 and Land Registry fees of between £40 and £910 will also need to be paid

Valuation Fees – A valuation of the home you choose to buy will be required by your mortgage provider / lender. Many providers will offer a free valuation as part of their package.

House Removal Costs in Leicester

One of the final cost that will be incurred when moving house in Leicestershire will be the cost of your house removal service. This price will range dramatically depending on many factors including the size of your property, the distance between properties and the additional removal services that you may require.

Besides the standard house removal service, you may decide to have a full or part packing service, a dismantling service, a home clearance or maybe even short or long term self storage unit to hire. What ever it is you need when preparing for a house removal when moving house in Leicestershire. MnM Removals is the best option.

  • Cost of moving a 1-2 bedroom flat in Leicester – £350. Additional cost for packing service – £150
  • Moving a 3 – 4 bedroom house in Leicestershire – £425. Packing service cost – £250
  • 5 – 6 bedroom house removal in Leicestershire – £875. Home packing cost – £500

The prices above are just an indication of what your house removals in Leicestershire may cost you. Get in touch for a more accurate quote for your home move. These options and services can be discussed with our house removals company and team before a quote is provided.

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