Moving with a removals company – Find quality advice on the key to long distance house removals

The best tips for long distance removals. This article is for home movers, moving home over long distances across country in the UK. The key to long distance house removals in the UK, is careful planning and organising. If your long distance house move, is not carefully thought out, you can be sure of your move turning for the worst. A reputable UK house removals company, will do everything to ensure, that your house move gets the attention to detail. That is the difference between, using a professional house removal company to man and van removal service.

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The Key To Long Distance House Removals

To ensure a successful, stress-free, long distance house removal arrange for a house clearance

The key to long distance house removals, is to get rid of the clutter. This will help your pocket, reduce the clutter in your new home and reduce the weight of vehicles needed, to relocate your items across the UK. Over the years, we gather loads of items and furniture, some which end up in the attic for many years. We always advice, that the items you no longer want, use or need, should not be relocated to the new home. Instead. Hire a dedicated house clearance team, to remove the items for you. This can be cheaper, than hiring a skip and save you time making several runs, in the car to your local recycling facility.

Moving from a large 3 bed home and downsizing to a 1 bedroom house. You may need to consider, donating some items and furniture to friends, family or your local charity. Your removals company, will not mind moving all the items. But, you will need to consider where will they all go, once you arrive at the new house. The last thing you need, when completing a long distance house removals, is to have the bedroom and living space taken up, so you can’t lay out the beds and larger items. If this is the case, you will need a garage or spare room to put the items in, till the next day. At least then you and your family can rest, for the first night in your new home.

Always do the preparations for your house removal 1 or 2 days before your long distance removals

The key to long distance house removals, is to ensure that all items are packed and ready in time for when your movers arrive, on removals day or to load a day or two before the move is due to take place. If your home movers are doing the packing then, they may arrive a day early, to pack and load the main bulk of the furniture and boxes. Not to worry, your furniture will be safe in the removal truck. Which will be stored over night, in a secure storage compound. This will help speed up the process, as the larger removal truck can then set off, bright and early on the day of your move. Arriving at the destination on time to off load.

If this is the case, then it may be a good idea for the family, to either stay the night in a hotel. If you prefer to stay in the house, the movers can leave you with the essentials, like beds, tv and sofa etc and return using a smaller vehicle and crew to collect and deliver to the new destination the next morning.

How to pack your home furniture for a long distance house removals

If doing your own packing services, then this is for you. The key to packing up your home contents, is to ensure that all items smaller than a microwave are, bubble wrapped individually and placed safely into small double wall removal boxes. Remember to label the boxes with every thing inside and the rooms in which they belong. Many long distance removal companies in the UK, will not move items that are not correctly packed, boxed or safe to move.

You will need to ensure that all items, belongings and furniture is safely packed. This means using mattress protectors to protect large mattresses. Sofa protectors to keep sofas clean and stop them getting damaged in the removal truck. Dining tables and mirrors will need to be covered and protected. If you are doing your own packing, then your movers will use quilted removal blankets, to cushion larger items like wardrobes, dining tables and chairs etc. But it’s, always best to be safe than sorry. So as professionals, that look after your furniture, we would advice that all items are bubble wrapped. Which will offer extra reassurance for you and your movers.

How to keep moving cost down when completing a long distance house removals

There are many ways to keep the cost down when moving between 50 or 400 miles away, The best ways is to

  • Clear and donate as many items as you can to charities. Give away or sell old clothing and kids toys or bikes they have outgrown.
  • Do as much of the work yourself. House removals can cost £1000’s so it is vital to lighten the load. If you have time do half the packing, then request that your movers pack the larger items. A fair removals company, will offer many choices and solutions to help make things easier.
  • House removal boxes can be expensive to buy, £2.50 for a small box. So it may be a good idea to ask, friends or family who have moved recently, if they have any good used boxes. This could save you around £200 on your home move.
  • Avoid removal companies that don’t care or show no interest in the care of your furniture and move. Always choose a removal firm, that has actually come out to see the items, before quoting or has receive a full itemised list, of what is to be moved and the services you require. Some removal companies may ask to complete a video survey, for clients that are not based in the local area.

Moving a long distance away with children

The Key To Long Distance House Removals

If moving house a long distance away with toddlers, then you may get things a little easier, than moving with older children age 8 and teenagers. Older children will have made, friends and may have close relatives and cousins ,that they may miss dearly. So moving home and adjusting for them, may prove difficult. The best thing you can do, is to explain to them, the benefits of the move. If moving for work, let them know how this will have a great benefit for their future and the family. Also involve them in all the exciting discussions, about what plans you may have for the new home. For smaller children, let them decorate their own removal boxes and pack their own room. This will make them feel a big part of the move, instead feeling shut out from adult conversation.

This will help your children to adjust much more quickly, once they arrive for the first time at the new home. Be sure to pack a travel box that you can take with you in the car. Pack snacks, essentials and emergency aid equipment. You need to ensure that you are prepared for any thing. The last thing you need is issues to arise, with the car. So we will always advice, that you get your car service and mechanically check over for the journey to the new home. Especially if travelling 200 300 miles away. Also it’s a good idea to have cover with the AA breakdown recovery service, incase of a break down you can get recovered quickly and brought to the new home.

Tips for moving house a long distance with pets

Here you will find some helpful tips for moving far away with your best friends. It can be hard to get your pet use to its new surroundings. Below are some things you can do to help ensure, you can settle you pet once arrived at the new home.

  • It may be a good idea to have your pet stay with friends or family or in a kennel or cattery. Especially while the move in full swing. Some pets will be anxious to get out and explore the house, to see what all the confusion is about. This is how pets can go missing. With the movers in and out and doors wide open, it can become easy for your pet to go out without being seen.
  • Never let your pet out once you arrive at the new home, unless on a lead. Let them get use to the surroundings for a week or 2 before letting them out properly.
  • With cats always leave, the food, they love the most readily available, so they know exactly where they get loved and cared for.
  • Keep your pets same bedding. Do not change or lay out new bedding. This will help them to relax with a scent that they know best.

Other things to be aware of when doing a long distance house removals

  • Arrive at the new house, once you now the old home owners have left. You don’t want to be left waiting at the new house with your removals company, waiting hours for them to load their removal vehicles. Some removal companies will charge extra fees, if the movers are left waiting long periods of time, for the old home owners to move out.
  • Check with your solicitors and estate agents. When and what time the new house keys, are likely to be released. Again if the keys are not ready, your removal company may charge an extra fee for the additional waiting time. So it is vital, when carrying out a long distance house removals, that you check these things over.
  • Items like fridge freezers will need to be defrosted, at least 24hrs before removals day. This will stop your boxes and furniture from getting wet, dirty and damaged in transit to the new home.
  • Removal companies include removal insurance with most home moves. Some removal companies, offer insurance as a additional service. You must make that choice, on what suit your needs, budget and requirements.

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