Find the best out of 10 tips and resources for a stress free home move when moving home in Banbury, Oxford or Oxfordshire

Searching for the best most helpful advice when moving home. Look no further than our perfect tips and resources for a stress free home move. Our tips will ensure you face your entire home move with confidence.

The Top 10 Tips And Resources For A Stress Free Home Move In Banbury, Oxford Or Oxfordshire

1) Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your moving company questions. It is vital you have a full understanding of what is involved and what you’ll need to expect on removal day. If you are not 100% satisfied with the answer you receive try finding another removal company.

2) Stay in touch

Stay in touch with your moving company, they will need to contact you to keep you updated with the planning and organizing of your home move. Provide your moving company with your direct telephone number.

3) Keep you expensive valuable safe

When moving home it is wise that all valuables, documents and paper work go with you. The last thing you need is to misplace your passport in a box somewhere, especially if moving abroad or internationally.

4) Avoid paying a large payments up front

If your moving company ask for a large deposit to book your move in, it is best to stay clear, unless you are 100% sure that you are booking the pro movers. Some removal companies make take a small down payment but should not be excessive. The down payment required may depend on how much your move will cost.

5) Think what you want in your new home

The more items to be moved the more your move will cost you. You will need to carefully plan what you’ll need and use in your new home. Items you have not used for years may clutter the space in your new home. Arrange a garden sale, selling off unwanted furniture to help fund the costs of your move. Alternatively you can hire a house clearance company

6) Arrange the services for your new home

You will need to notify your broadband, phone, tv, gas, electric, and other suppliers before you actually move in to your new home. This will ensure your new home is warm, has light and running hot water, so you and your family can relax and settle comfortably for the first night into your new home

7) Get your agreement in writing

When instructing your moving company to carry out you removal services, it is always wise to have all services that will be carried out at your home in writing, along with the final price and VAT. For the agreement to be official it will need to be signed and sent back to your moving company.

8) Let children pack their own room

Children can be more help than we think at times. Provide them with the own colorful storage boxes and challenge them to pack their own room and belongings. This will help them feel excited and involved in the moving process and welcome the new home.

9) Don’t choose the lowest quote

When moving home the cheapest quote is not always the best. Hiring a man and van is ok, if you have one or two items to move, moving a whole house will require a dedicated team of professionals, that are experienced within their fields to complete the move on time, efficiently, effectively, professionally and successfully.

10) Avoid hourly man and van rates

When moving house you will want to avoid hourly rates, some hourly rates can tally into the thousands, when removal men start to drag their feet to clock up the hours, hourly rates can work out to be quite expensive in the long run, as you’ll never know how much your move is going to cost. Always find out the exact price for the removal services you require.

The Ultimate Guide, Tips And Resources For A Stress Free Home Move

Tips And Resources For A Stress Free Home Move In Banbury, Oxford or Oxfordshire

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