Bespoke senior removal and downsizing services for elderly and disabled people. Our senior removal services are designed to assist the elder generation and their families ensuring to make the moving process as stress-free as possible.

Are you a social care worker, a caring agent looking after seniors. A charity or some one who is looking after a senior friend or relative, when they are relocating or downsizing to a new home, or in to a bungalow to be closer to family or just relocating in to a residential care home.

May be you are a carer or a family member who has the responsibility of clearing a home of all its furniture after someone has deceased in the property. If you are faced with such a task, at such an emotional time, then you may require professional help organising a house clearance from a senior removal specialist.

What ever your circumstances there is so much to take in to account and to organise, especially if you are the one in charge of caring for a senior citizen.

Many people assume that relocating is a simple procedure. This is far from the truth. Yes. Relocating does involve loading items and off loading them. However senior relocations can involve a lot more and can be emotional for older people to cope with. Many can become overwhelmed with the reality of leaving their home they have lived in for so many years for a new one.

Can I take care of the removal all by self

If you have the responsibility of caring for someone who is an older relative then there is a possibility that you can plan the whole relocation process out by your self. How ever it is always a good idea to have the expertise of our senior citizens removal company that specialises in senior relocations and offers practical advice explaining what you should and shouldn’t do.

You will also need to take into account all the services you may require and need to carry out or organise for your elderly relative or client. Some of these services include.

  • Clearing old unwanted furniture
  • Packing up the home contents
  • Purchasing packaging supplies
  • Placing valuables and furniture into storage
  • Arranging removal and house clearance services

You will also need to consider the emotional welfare of the elderly person in your care. It can be challenging but with the right help and advice the whole process will be a complete success. This is where MnM Removals can help to ensure 90% of the hard work is done.

Specialist assistant and advice for senior citizens when moving home

No matter your reasons for moving home simply get in touch with our removals team today and see how we can help.

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