Trade Show Logistics Services – Removals For Trade Show Exhibitions & Events

Preparing to attend a trade show logistics exhibition or event, if so you have come to the right place. We understand how important it is for your goods to arrive at the trade show on time and to be set up in a way that attracts potential clients. Your most fragile and delicate exhibits should be further protected ensuring they arrive at the trade show damage free. Whether you require a one-off trade show logistics service or multiple trade show logistics tours across the UK you will have peace of mind knowing your goods are in the safest of hands when choosing MnM Transport & Logistics.

How We Can Help With Your Trade Show Logistics & Exhibition Services

Many business attending trade show exhibitions and events within the UK or Europe face many challenges. When arriving at a trade show that has a 600m2 of empty hall space at 5am can be a daunting task, having a dedicated team to assist you with these duties will ensure your project is quickly set up and ready for potential customers.

Some of the challenges you may face when preparing for a trade show logistics event includes:

  • Packing & getting goods ready for the trade show
  • Moving & loading of goods on to vehicles for the trade show
  • Getting goods to the trade show on-time and in perfect condition
  • Assembling and setting up your stalls and equipment 2 hours before the trade show is due to start
  • Once the trade show is complete you will have to dismantle all furniture and place them into the correct packaging before they can be loaded and taken to your warehouse or storage facility.

What to expect when preparing for your trade show logistics event

  • On-time deliver slots
  • Rigid vehicle & taillift deliveries
  • Fast, friendly and professional staff 
  • Swift communication with all relevant parties
  • Safe storage facility to put exhibits 

There are many trade show venues across the UK some which include:

Trade Show Logistics Services For A wide Range Of Businesses & Corporate Sectors

Whether you are attending furniture trade shows, pluming trade shows, clothing trade shows, bridal trade shows antique trade shows or toy trade shows you are going to need a reliable moving team that can help with the transport and setting up of your goods. As well as offering the assistance you need to make your business stand out and attract new and potential custom. we can help with almost at thing


Want To Get Your Business Ready For A Trade Show Logistics Event


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