How To Transfer Your TV Licence To A New Home Address – Changing The Address On Your TV Licence

It is important that you have your TV Licence changed over to your new home address as soon as you are aware that you will be moving house. You can arrange for your TV Licence to be changed up to 3 months prior to moving in to your new home. Listed below are all the questions and answers you need when transferring your TV Licence to your new home address.

Moving House

If you are just planning on moving house to a new home, you have 3 months on which you can apply to update your TV Licence to a new home address. You can update your details when moving house by visiting the  TV Licensing Change Of Address Form For Moving House.

Moving in with someone else

If you are planning on moving in with someone else, like a family relative, a partner or into shared house you may all ready be covered by their TV Licence. If this is the case you can cancel your current TV Licence and depending on how long you had your licence you may be entitled to a refund. We will tell you more about refunds in a moment.

Are you a tenant or a lodger at the property

If you are a tenant or a lodger of the home you are moving to you will still need to have your TV Licence changed over to that address. Unless the new home has already got an up to date TV Licence which you will be covered. If this is the cases and the home you plan to move into has a TV Licence then you can arrange to have your current TV Licence canceled and arrange for a refund as long as you have 3 months left on the Licence.

Transferring your TV Licence to another person at your old address

You can transfer your TV Licence to another person who lives at your old home address. It is requested that you send all the details in writing to the following address. TV Licensing, Darlington, DL98 1TL.

If you are moving out of the country

If you are moving out of the UK and no longer live in the Isle Of Man or the Channel Islands and you no longer want or need your TV Licence you can request for a refund. Refunds are subject to the TV Licence being valid up to 3 months before renewal.

If you own more than 1 house

If you own more than one home you will still need to be covered by a second TV Licence if you watch and record tv channels, BBC programs etc.

Cancelling Your TV Licence

You can arrange to have your TV Licence cancelled and request for a refund if you are positive that you will no longer need it any more and as long as you have 3 months left on the Licence. You can apply for a refund on online and state why you no longer need the Licence and the date you want it cancelled from. You will need to fill in the refund form and send it to the following address: The Refund Centre, TV Licensing, Darlington DL98 1TL.

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