Experts in Distribution – Find The Best Solution For Your UK & Europe Furniture Distribution

Supply Chain Management For Your Warehouse, Retail & Furniture Distribution Requirements

Welcome to MnM Transport & Logistics we are a leading furniture distribution company providing supply chain management and furniture logistics services to manufactures, wholesalers, retailers and importers across the UK & Europe using our unique and dedicated distribution team. As leaders within the transport, logistics and distribution industry we understand that timely delivery is critical for the distribution of your furniture and consignment. Furniture transportation and distribution is what we do best.

A selective range of solutions can be brought to your furniture distribution services helping you to cut back on costs, carry out deliveries to stores on time and increase the chances of repeat custom.

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Cost-Effective UK & European Furniture Distribution & Logistics Services

Our wide spread locations along with our unique distribution and delivery team means that you can be sure to receive and benefit from a cost-effective, caring and fast transportation of furniture and goods to your customers. Our distribution services is tailored and specially designed to help cut the costs of your distribution services.

Communication is the key to forward planning and successful distributions we will constantly update you and your clients with the process of your consignment and delivery. Using our sophisticated IT tracking systems we can manage and track exactly where your consignment is, this services offers great peace of mind ensuring we both know exactly where your delivery is at all times.

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How We Can Help Distributing Your Furniture To Warehouses, Manufactures & Retail Chains

  • Furniture Distribution /  Bulk Furniture Haulage & Logistics
  • Furniture Home Delivery Team & Services
  • If requested our drivers will hand ball items or use pallet trucks
  • Furniture Storage & Warehousing
  • Forward & Back Loads From All UK & Europe Destinations
  • Furniture Delivery Installation / Assemble
  • Reduced Costs through better route planning and load optimization
  • Better flexibility to make real changes to routes and delivery schedules
  • Supply Chain Management / Complete key supply chain and finalize all requirements

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If you require specialist furniture distributions for your clients then please get in touch with a member of our team on 0800 0025 543 so we can best discuss your exact needs and requirements.