7 Simple Ways To Make Your House Removal In Leicestershire A Success

[dropcap style=”simple” text_color=”#f48a00″]P[/dropcap]reparing for the big removal day involves a lot more than just moving furniture from one destination to another. The following this article about the ways to make your house removal in Leicestershire a success will help to guide you and your move in the right direction.

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Plan and organise your home move well in advance

When moving home in Leicestershire it is always a good idea to give your self enough time to get those stressful and daunting removal task done and dusted. If moving home from a large 4 bedroom family house, you may need to allow at least 8 weeks to prepare your home and get it ready in time for removal day.

Planning in advance will ensure that your move will run smoothly and be a complete success, leaving you the time to enjoy the day, delegate your movers and make the most of the moving experience.

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Book a removal company as soon as  you are aware you’ll be moving home

As soon as you are aware that you will be moving to the new home you will want to start the process of finding and booking a local removal company, that has your move and your interest at heart.

You will want to arrange a free home survey where the removals coordinator will visit you at home to view the items to be moved and discuss your moving requirements in more detail.

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How To Pack Your House Like a pro                                                          

When packing your home you will first want to be sure that you have enough time on your hands, as packing a 4 bedroom house in Leicestershire could take weeks to complete and involves a lot of physical hard work. If packing your own home the best way is to pack just a few boxes a day 10-12 removal sized boxes.

Packing your home using this method is a lot easier and more efficient than packing your entire home in one go for up to 8-10 hours none stop. It would take a professional removal company and team of about five people on average of 3-4 hours to pack and complete a 4 bedroom house with garden and double garage as they have the experience and qualities to achieve this .

To pack or not to pack? These are the decisions you will need to consider when booking your Leicestershire removals company. Remember any thing smaller than a microwave must be bubble wrapped and placed into strong, sturdy double walled removal boxes that are designed to keep your most fragile items safe.

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Organise to have all your old furniture cleared before you move home

The last thing you want when moving home is a new house that is cluttered with old items and furniture you no longer want or need. MnM Removals works alongside local charities within Leicestershire, donating furniture, toys and belongs you no longer need and don’t wish to bring to the new home.

Arranging for a house clearance can decrease the overall price of your home move, as most Leicestershire removal companies base their moving quotes on the volume of furniture you actually have to be moved to the new home.

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Contact your services providers and let them know you will be moving house

If you already have tv, broad band, driving licence, internet, mail and subscriptions etc registered at your current home address, the chances are you are going to need all your details and documents updating to the new home address, so you can continue to receiving services from your services providers.

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Arrange for child care on removal day

Children can become stressed when the movers arrive and start moving furniture out of their home. The best thing to do is have a family member, like grandparents take them out for the day while the move is under way. This will ensure that the kids are out of the home and away from any harm or danger and will give you the time and energy needed to concentrate and conduct your house move to great effect.

Some children can become emotionally stress with the fact of moving home, changing schools and meeting new friends which as a child can be a daunting and difficult experience. Below is the perfect article on how to move home with children in Leicestershire.

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Visit the new home, schools and location

Its always a wise idea to take look at the place and area in Leicestershire you plan to call home, visit your new neighbours, parks, schools and local amenities. Check out the social life bars, restaurants and clubs in your new area. Check out the bus and travel routes to the town centres and to work. This will help to make you and your family feel more comfortable once you have moved in.


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