Find out the exact size van you will need for your home move

When planning your house removals you will want to know the exact size van or truck that you will need to hire for your removals day. Judging the space you need can be difficult to do. But this guide will ensure that you do hire the right size van for your move. If you are unsure you can arrange a FREE home survey from your removals company. Who will calculate the volume of furniture and space of cubic feet you need.

The size of van or truck you need will depend on a few important things like:

  • The amount of furniture you have to be relocated
  • Whether you have large bulky items that will not be dismantled, like wardrobes, american fridge freezers or large sofas
  • The amount of boxes you have and the size.
  • If you are taking plant pots and garden tools etc

These are just a few of the things you will need to consider when trying to hire the right size removal van for your move.

MWB transit vans and LWB transit vans are good for moving just a few personal items like student rooms etc or for shared homes and student accommodation. The largest small van is the LWB transit or sprinter type vans and can hold an average of 10- 20 medium boxes, 3 seater and 2 seater. You could ad a double matt and bed if dismantled and a couple of bedsides etc at a squeeze. Heres a little tip. When using small LWB transit size vans for your move try to use bags instead of boxes as they will take up less room.

What Size Removal Van Do I Need For My Move

Always Over Estimate What Size Removal Van You Need For Your Move

If moving from a 1 small bedroom flat you may need to hire a 3.5 tonne box van with a tail lift to do the move. Rather than hiring a small combo sprinter type of van. A 3.5 tonne van is ideal for a small 1 – 2 bedroom flat moves, because it offers an internal capacity of 600 cubic feet of van space. For 3 bed room home using a 3.5 tonne you could expect to do at least 3 runs.

MWB and LWB Transit size vans 

What Size Removal Van Do I Need For My Move

Medium Wheel Base and Long Wheel Base vans are easy to drive and are a little bit like a car. The (MWB) vans are shorter in length to the (LWB) vans. Both transit size vans have a 3,750mm wheel base. But the LWB has an overall length of 4,217mm due to extra space of the rear overhang.

Will move single items or small room

The Good Old Luton Box Van 

What Size Removal Van Do I Need For My Move

The Luton box van is perfect for the average 1 – 2 bedroom house removals. It holds a lot of items and furniture for a van of its size. While still offering the simplicity and easy drive. They feel more like a car than a van and can do up to 80 miles per hour. So are perfect economical removal vehicles for moving long distances. If packed correctly you can hold up to a 1 tonne. So if you have a lot or heavy furniture to be moved you may need to complete 2 trips or hire 2 luton box vans for your move. The Luton size van holds 600 cubic feet of furniture. If storing this size vehicle you will need a minimum of 75 square feet of storage space up to 100 square feet if you want that extra room for your furniture and stuff.

1 – 2 Bedroom home moves

7.5 Tonne Truck Size Guide

What Size Removal Van Do I Need For My Move

With a 7.5 tonne removal truck you will need to hold a HGV C1 entitlement on your driving licence. Or have passed your test before 1997 to be approved for what they call Grandfather rights. The C1 allows you to drive a 3.5 or the 7.5 tonne removal vehicles.

The 7.5 tonne vehicle is used for larger house moves. 3 – 4 bedroom homes in the UK. If you have a lot of garden or garage items. You may want to add a 3.5  tonne van or complete 2 trips using the 7.5 tonne truck.

Up to 3 -4 Bedroom House Removals

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