Are you wondering what to do 1 week before house removals day in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

Moving house in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire, following our checklist on what to do 1 week before house removals day in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire will help to ensure your move is a success and those important removal tasks are not missed or forgotten with the stress of moving home.

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What to do 1 week before house removals day in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

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[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]Pack up the last few removal boxes, be sure all boxes are taped, labeled, secured and ready for your home movers to load on to the moving truck. This will save time on your removals day as all items will be nicely packed into boxes. Aim to have 85% of your home in removal boxes, picture, tools, ornaments, cutlery, clothes and much more.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]Pack and leave separately an over night box. This box can be packed with tooth-brush, towels, spare clothes, cups or kettle. Try to keep all the essentials you’ll require once you arrive at your new home.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]Take down larger items or furniture that may need to be dismantled before they can be loaded in to the removal truck or in to your new home.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]Contact your moving company to run over any final checks and review your removal contract. Staying in close contact with your company will help to ensure you’re doing the right thing and packing your home accordingly. When completing your own packing it is up to the customer to ensure all items are packed safely.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]Make some final checks with your providers, be sure your new home has gas, water , electric, broadband, phone and tv connections in place for when you and your family move in to your new home. Waiting for your installation could take time, we recommend booking your service providers 4 weeks before moving home.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]If moving far away and you have heath issues, register with a surgery in your new area, try gather your prescriptions and medicine and give the surgery a call . Provide them with the name of your medicine so you can continue your treatment once you have moved.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]Cancel magazines, news papers return library books and school books. Notify friends and family of your move. Provide them with your contact details so you can stay in touch. Let children say good-bye to their friends and school teachers.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]Empty all flammable chemicals, from lawn mowers, gas canister, petrol cans, chain saws, BBQ and from and other power tools or equipment that may need draining. Also dispose of items like fireworks, matches, lighters, acids, cleaning products and even things like spark plugs.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]If you are still using the fridge freezer, it will need to be defrosted within 24hrs before it can be moved, especially if you are moving long distance, next door or round the corner should be fine, but it will need to be the last thing on the van and the first thing off.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]Moving a long distance, be sure to have your car check over at a garage before setting off. If using public transport book all tickets in advance and try to be at the new home before the removal truck arrives.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”24″ ]Check your home for money, bank card, phones, important documents, passport, spare car keys, bank statements etc. Place all these items in a safe place or in the boot of your car before the move is to take place. Do not pack in to boxes and these items should be taken by the customer to the new home.

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