What To Do When Moving Home With Pet Animals

Does your house removal involve moving home with a pet dog or moving home with a pet cat, you will want to know how to keep them calm and stress-free during and after the move. This guide is about making your pets and animals feel safe when moving home. As animal lovers, the aim is to ensure a successfully move for your pets. MnM Removals have put together a helpful guide on what you can do to help settle your pets and make them feel more at ease, when moving home with animals and pets in the UK.

Find the perfect tips on what to do when moving home with animals and pets

Before Your Move

If possible take your pets to visit the new home as much as you can before moving day. This will help your pets to become more familiar with their new home and surroundings, before having the shock of living their full-time. Be aware that pets particularly cats and dogs can be very sensitive and will pick up on the fact that there are some sort of changes going on within the home.

During Your Move 

It is advisable to ask close friends or family to look after the pets while the move is under. This will minimise the stress on your pet as well as keeping the house clear for the removal men on removal day. This can also help to keep pet owners calm as the distress of your beloved pets and animals can  be an upsetting experience.

If it is not possible to have your pet away from the home on removal day, then it is a good idea to leave them in a quiet room with a few of their favourite and familiar toys.

After Your Move

Following your move you may find that your pet has adapted very quickly and is happy within the new home and location. On the other hand some pets can take time to adjust to new surroundings and may seem timid or not quiet themselves. In this case reassurance is key, give your pets plenty of love and extra attention, surrounding them with familiar items from your old home.

Cats: If you have a pet cat it is advisable to keep them locked in the house for a least a week or two following your move. This will give your cat time to get familiar with your new home.

Dogs: When moving home with a pet dog, that is feeling down or disheartened after the move, try taking them on walks and to parks within the new area, which will allow them to explore and mark their new territory.

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