The question we all ask when moving home: Whats Best Hiring A Moving Van Or Choosing A House Removals Company?

Many people moving home tend to try to avoid using a house removals company, as they are usually told it costs the world and it is very expensive, leaving you thinking that your better off doing it your self. However there are 1000s of removal companies out their, you just have to be sure you are choosing the right one, that can carry out your exact requirements for the fairest price. Our article will help you to weigh up the options of whether it is wise and safe for you to hire a moving truck or use a professional moving company.

Weighing Up

To start weighing up the options of a diy removals you will first need to consider the size of the property and the volume of furniture you actually have. It can be easy to under-estimate the amount of physical work and furniture you have, until you start to move it, back and forth, from the house to the removals truck.

While on the other hand you could be hiring the professional movers, sitting back, relaxing and delegating your home move, ensuring it is carried out to the highest standard.

House Removal Costs

The big question that comes to mind when when moving home is How Much Do Removal Companies Cost? Hiring a professional house removals company to complete your home move, may not cost you as much money as you may think. Many house removal firms are very competitive and provide great discounts to clients, or work to fit within their moving budget when moving home. This will help to keep those moving costs low, so you can help save money and valuable time on your moving day.

Hiring a removals truck can work out much cheaper, than hiring a house removals company, but that’s just one angle, lets look at the other angles and costs you may endure when hiring a truck. You will still need to fork out for the fuel costs, costs for the helpers, costs of the boxes and packaging materials, costs of insurance, cost of tolls, shipping etc. All of a sudden your diy house removal costs have spiraled upwards and not down.

Size of Removal Vehicles

Many people who move home and tend to hire a removals truck will be restricted to drive a 3.5 tonne van or a 7.5 tonne removals truck, depending on the type of driving licence they hold. For larger removal trucks up to 18 tonnes a HGV Certification of Professional Competence & Periodic Training will need to be acquired before any one can drive or obtain a removals vehicle of this size and this is where a professional house removals company is required.

Depending on the size of the property will determine what size removal truck is required. If moving up the street or round the corner, from a smaller property then a 3.5 tonne removals van would be ideal as multiple trips can be done.

When choosing a professional house removal company, you will not need to worry about what size vehicle you’ll need, as they will allocate the right size vehicles for your move. You may be provided one or two 18 tonne removal trucks or two 7.5 tonne removal trucks, the  actual size of your removals truck will depend on the size of your home and move.

Workers/Helpers Needed

When completing the move your self, you will need to decide what furniture and items you can move by your self and what you are going to need two or three people to help you to move. If you are going to require help moving your home, it is best to give your friends and family the heads up. Notify them at least 1 month before the move, so they can prepare them selves and reschedule any appointments they may have. Be sure when asking friends, family and acquaintances that they have no history of any heart or back problems. The last thing you need is for a friend or family member to end up in hospital due to an injury caused in the move.

How far away are you moving 

If moving locally hiring a removals van could be ok, as long as you have the help and assistance of your friends you should be able to move your home without any problems at all, but for larger longer distance home removals its safer, much quicker and less hassle to hire the pro movers.

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