Popular Questions People Asked When Moving House – When Should I Book A House Removals Company For My Move

It is always a good idea to start looking early and book a removals company way in advance. With so many removal companies in the UK to choose from it can sometimes take a couple of weeks to find the right removals company that best suits you and your exact needs. House removal companies can get busy really quickly as they often book people in for their move weeks in advance. When should i book a house removals company for my move is a very important question that most people struggle to find the answer to. This guide will help to make things clear and make you know when is the best time to book a removals company when moving home.

You can get in touch with your house removals company at any time, even if it’s just to get some moving advice and tips on the services they have to offer. When booking a house removals company it’s not as simple as just getting a price. Instead a professional removal company will need to book you in to their system to complete a home survey (which is usually FREE). Your home survey could take weeks to carried out and completed, depending on how busy or flexible your removal company is. You will need to bear this in mind when thinking when should i book a house removals company.

We always recommend that you book a house removals company 4-6 weeks in advance if this is possible

Within 4-6 weeks of moving house you want to ensure that your move date is confirmed and your house removals company is booked in. This should be the cut off point and you should not leave it too much after this time to find a removals company that’s right for you. As mentioned early it could take time to find a good removal company so start looking for a removals company 2-3 months before moving home.

What To Expect When Booking A House Removals Company When Moving To A New Home

With so much planning and organising that goes in to a house removal, its understandable that timing is every thing when moving home. Your house removals company will need to arrange a visit to your home to discuss your moving requirements and assess all the furniture, belongings and items that need moving. They will assess the property on how the best way to conduct your move. They will also provide you with advice and tips and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the moving process. The home survey process won’t take long (20-30 mins of your time) and is the perfect time to meet your house removals company face to face, where you can decide if they are professional enough, care enough and able to answer and questions and address any issues you may have.

Once your home survey is complete your removal company will then go ahead and forward on a removals quote to you. Your removals quote will be based on your home survey and the volume of furniture and belongings you have to be moved to the new home. So showing your removals company every thing on the home survey is vital in getting a fair and accurate removals quote.

Removal quotes are based on wide range of factors which will be broken down below.

  • Full or part house removal
  • Full or part home packing
  • Dismantling plus assembling
  • Storage facilities
  • How many rooms you have
  • Distance of travel
  • Number of movers and packers required
  • Boxes and packaging materials
  • The layout to the property
  • Any stair involved
  • Moving from a high-rise with lift

As you can see from the above a lot of thought and consideration is used when putting together a quote for your house removals. Have your moved booked in with a removals company 4-6 weeks before removals day and you should be just fine.

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