House Removals Loughborough – Simple tips to ensure your move is a success

This removal guide offers information to help people preparing for a house removals Loughborough. The guide starts with details of how to find a Loughborough removals company and ends with how you should get a quote for your move.

Preparing for a home move is not as bad as you may think. As long as you hire an experienced removals company and moving team, that has an outstanding reputation for house removals Loughborough your move should be just fine. Removal advice and tips that help you to have a stress free move.

Follow these simple tips for a successful House Removals Loughborough

How to locate the perfect house removals company

There are many ways to find a reliable house removals company in Loughborough. Some of which may include

  • Word of mouth and recommendations, from friends, work colleagues and family
  • Online the internet is a popular place to find removal companies listed in Loughborough
  • Compare websites and directories are a good place to look for removal companies
  • Look out for adverts in local shops as many local business may leave a leaflet

Book a removal survey as soon as possible

Now you have located a professional removals company for your house removals Loughborough. Now its time to book your survey so you can get the best possible price for your move.

Professional removal companies in Loughborough will offer free home survey’s to clients when moving home. A home survey is a great time to meet your removals company and ask questions regarding your move and circumstances.

Your survey will be carried out by a move coordinator who will be on hand to offer advice and  support when ever needed.

During the survey your move coordinator will need to see and assess the following:

  • Every room, garage, shed attic and garden
  • The volume of furniture you have to be moved to the new home
  • Any specialist items of furniture you may have, like pianos
  • The access points to the property
  • Parking spaces for the removal truck

The survey takes roughly 20 – 30 minutes but is the best way to get the most fairest quote for your move.

How to arrange a house removals quote when moving home in Loughborough

Now your removals company has assessed your home and has seen exactly what your move involves, you will now go on to receiving a free removal quotation for your house removals Loughborough.

You must receive all removal quotes in writing either via post or email. To be sure the quote includes all the removal services you require on the day of your move, you will need to read your removals quote carefully before agreeing.

Things to do 4-8 weeks before moving home in Loughborough

  • Notify Royal Mail that you will be moving home. Try to do this 4-8 weeks before your house removal.
  • Contact your Service Providers to have your tv, phone and broad band connections set up at your new home.
  • Notify DVLA that you will need the address on your licence updating to the new home address.
  • If moving with children arrange for a childminder or grandparents to look after them while the moving is under way.
  • Remember to take a family visit to the new home and area. Where you can meet the new neighbours and see what your new area has to offer.


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