House Removals Terms & Conditions – Set By MnM Removals


We as a removal company are committed and enthusiastic to serve our customers in the best possible ways when moving home. Therefore, we put forward our removal terms and conditions in front of you.

These terms and conditions explain the remover’s rights, obligations, duties, and customers duties. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our removal terms and conditions. Our employees will be happy to help you.

Please note that we mean the customer when we use (you or your), and when we use (we or us), we mean MnM Removals.

MNM REMOVALS – House Removal Terms and Conditions

• Quotations From MnM Removals

1.0 Our Quotations can only be turned into an agreement between you ( customers) and us (company) when we have received your 20% deposit, confirmed your booking via email or text message from

1.1  We charge based on the volume of items to be moved, the mileage, the number of vehicles, movers and packers required and also the access to the properties and the moving services to be completed. Please inform us of any information we need to know about your move. Ie: is the stairs to climb, how many rooms you have, what level floor you apartment is on. Of any extra destinations, extra services or any delays when booking as this contains additional charges.

1.2  In our prices, we don’t include certain charges like parking fines because the customer didn’t provide parking, pre-paid parking charges, toll charges, meter charges, congestion charges, ferry charges. Additionally, our prices do not include any other costs incurred due to customer negligence.

1.3  We give you the quotation and prices by adding up the total service and charges. For instance, If certain information is missed in the booking process for removal. We will have to charge you an additional amount accordingly upon arrival.

1.4 If the size of vehicle provided is not big enough to accommodate your move and we need to complete a second trip or provide another vehicle or movers, the customer will need to pay the additional charges required.

1.5  Quotations for National and International Removals are different because of toll and ferry charges. However, you are likely to save some money by making an advance international booking.

1.6  We provide all drivers with 2 hours from the designated booking time to reach the location because of unforeseen circumstances such as road accidents and traffic issues.

1.7 We can and have the right to amend your quotation if your move goes on longer than expected and if our movers have to work out of normal working hours which is (9am to 6pm). Our latest cut off point for all removal services is 8.30pm.

1.8 Additional charges of £40 per hour will need to be made if the new house keys are not released within 1 hour of the movers arriving at the new property to off-load. If the keys are not released then all items will be held in our storage units which you will have to pay for the storage costs. If delivery of the items is required a new removal quotation will be provided.

1.9 Your quotation may be amended if we can not get our vehicles or movers with in reasonable loading distance of your home or close to all properties, with in at least 10 meters of the house. If this is a issue we would need to know at the time of booking, so extra movers and smaller vehicles can be sent to assist with your move.

• Customers Responsibilities

2.0  Firstly, it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for the nearest parking area to the pickup address. You may organise it privately or through the council. But it must be organised before our employees reach the location.

2.1  As our House Mover customer, you are liable to pay parking tickets or parking charges of the vehicle during the move you have booked.

2.2  Because we are not obligated to move your items through windows or balconies, that’s why it is important that you ensure all large items of furniture can fit into the destination premises.

2.3  You and all your items must be safely packed and prepared for when our driver arrives at your location because all booking times begin with the arrival of our driver at your pickup location. Our removals team can reface to take items that are not ready to be moved at the time of arrival. If the movers have to wait for items to be finished, or packed upon arrival, this will result in delays and will result in additional charges.

2.4  If customers want to claim an item, they must possess proof of the value of the individual item like invoices, receipts, and repair estimates. We can not further process any claim without these purchace documents.

2.5  Customers are responsible for checking for any damages to their property before our drivers leave the job. Otherwise, we can not be held accountable for the damages and will not accept your claim because it is no more within our reach.

2.6  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all items are offloaded from the van. If customers claim the loss of an item after the truck and employees leave the job, we are not responsible for it. Thus, the House Mover is not liable for any lost item after the job because we can not claim on the insurance if the missing item is not reported during the job.

2.7  Customers will have to clean dirty items, keep them dry and unfreeze the freezers and fridges before our movers start the job due to safety and insurance reasons we can not load dirty or wet items on to our removal truck, unless all customers sign a waver for us to do so. If wet or damage items are carried you will not be able to make a claim.

2.8 For safety reasons, we request our customers to keep their children away during the move, for safety and insurance purposes.

2.9 The customer or representative must be present at all properties while the movers are working with in the properties. If know one is present our movers will place the items in the best place possible.

3.0 It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the new keys are available for the removal drop off. If you are aware the keys are late, please notify us as soo as possible ,so we can try and sort out the best solution to avoid unexpected charges and delays.

3.1 If customers have not reserved any parking for the removal vans and trucks already, he/she is liable to pay any PCN charges during the booking time that the driver gets to the property.

3.2 If needed, customers must connect to their council and reserve a parking spot from their council.

3.3 Customers have to pay for all pay and display charges if they have not already reserved parking space for our employees. Customers will need to notify the neighbours that they are moving home and a large removal truck may be blocking access, or parked outside of their home for a few hours.

• Goods or items ownership

3.4  Customers must have ownership of all items they asked us to move. All fragile items, money, passports, driving licences, phones, car keys, bank cards, must be kept with the customer at all times. We will not take responsibility for items that are lost during the move. The only items on that should be on display are the items the movers are moving ie: furniture, boxes, bric a brac and toys.

3.5  If you attempt to move items that don’t belong to you and or without the owner’s permission, we may cancel the booking. Also, you will be held liable for the total cost of the booking.

• Bookings

3.6  Customers who do booking online or over the phone and provide incorrect details; their booking can be canceled about which they will be contacted and notified.

3.7  If a customer has made the booking from our website or over the phone and the price comes up wrong. Then before sending our movers, trucks and vans, we can contact the customer and tell them about the actual price. If the customer doesn’t accept the original offer, the booking may be canceled.

3.8  Booking on the same day is not guaranteed. So If you request a booking for the same day and we cannot cover that, we may cancel the booking.

3.9  If you make an online booking and we are fully booked. We may have to contact you about rescheduling or rearranging the move. If it doesn’t sound suitable and convenient for you, you have the complete right to cancel the booking.

4.0  If an online booking or a booking is placed without communicating verbally with MnM Removals, we can not guarantee such bookings. Because we need to talk with you verbally to verify your details and ask you for a required deposit so that your booking is secured. If customer has booked in advance, the customers should contact MnM Removals to confirm the booking with in 7 days of the removal taking place.

• Insurance

4.1  Public Liability insurance is arranged to cover damages that resulted from services executed ( Carried Out) in the booking or at the time of the move.

4.2 For covering damages of materials in the removal vehicles, we have Items in transit insurance. It is valued up to £50,000.00 for a single vehicle load.

4.3  We, with the help of our Higher Reward insurance, allow customers to travel in the vechicle with the driver pleasantly; if they face obstacles traveling on their own.

4.4  We admire your reliability and confidence in MnM Removals and our moving services. Any claims are conditioned to be charged with £300 + Vat excess per claim. The payment will need to paid before any claim can be made.

4.5  Please beware that our insurance doesn’t cover goods packed by owners. Thus, goods that our employees do not pack will exclude insurance unless we have suggested to you a particular packing method.

4.6  You must report to us for any item whose value exceeds £500. All these items need to be noted on an inventory form; you can request our driver receive an inventory form. If things with a value of more than £500 are not mentioned in the inventory form, we will not cover that in our insurance.

4.7  If you find any damaged items, you can report that to us within  24 hours of delivery.

We, as House Movers, can not guarantee your claim after 24 hours.

4.8  Customers who want to claim a process under our insurance must allow us 29 days to submit their claims to the insurance company. The insurance company will reach out to you after we offer your claim. The process doesn’t have a time limit because various cases are different.

4.9  Customers must report for property damages if any when our employees are still there because they will check the damages and take pictures. If our employees are no longer at your property, we will not accept your property damages claim. Therefore, we cannot be accountable or held responsible for that.

• Customer’s Claims

5.0  Any customers who wants to claim on our removal insurance must have written confirmation with evidence or pictures which support their claims and all claims sent to us in writing within 5 working days.

5.1  All claims that customers make are subject to £300 +VAT per claim, which has to be paid before the process begins and is no-refundable.

5.2  We send our removals customers a claim application which must be filled with correct information and returned to us within 5 working days.

5.3  Customers have to report the damage of any items within 24 hours of our job completion time.

5.4 Customers have to report any property damages while our employees are still in the location and present on the move.

• Other Customer Responsibilities

5.5  If customers have not reserved any parking for the van already, he/she is liable to pay any PCN charges during the booking time that the driver gets.

5.6  If needed, customers must connect to their council and reserve a parking spot from their council.

5.7  Customers have to pay for all pay and display charges if they have not already reserved parking space for our employees.

• Customer Complaints

5.8  Customers need to write their complaints formally and send them to us via email. We will further process the complaints upon your email receivable.

• Payment & Arriving time 

5.9  All bookings will be charged a 20% non-refundable deposit, if the complete booking amount is more than £300. If for any circumstances the dates change and you cancel your move date. The 20% deposit taken at the time of booking will not be refunded.

6.0  Prices can change if extra labourers, vehicles, boxes or any additional materials are needed for the job to take place and be completed

6.1  If we have charged you for a certain number of hours to complete the job and do the job earlier, you will have to pay the total amount for the hours requested at the time of booking.

6.2  There is an estimated time for our employees and vehicles to arrive at your location. Please provide us with two hour in case of road works, traffic, or any other factor that may affect the arrival of the vehicle and movers on time estimated.

6.3  All customers without an account will have to make the full payment for the job when our vehicles and movers reach the collection location and before loading the items.

6.4  We take a deposit of a minimum of £20, and others depending on the circumstances and the job per booking, (which is not refundable).

6.5  If we are unable to do your job on the booking time due to any unforeseen situation, then we have the right to reschedule your booking at any slot available to us. However, if you are not OK with it, we can schedule you’re booking for another day and time convenient to you.

6.6  We, as a company, need the full payment before loading your items at the collection destination. It is applicable for all our customers, as we will inform you about the estimated completion time. If extra time is spent on the job, you will have to pay for that after the job completion.

• Non-payment

6.7  Payments that are not done after 1 week will be charged a £35 late payment fee per day.

6.8  Customers who refuse to pay for the removal services rendered in these terms and conditions may result in their items being held in the van until payment is made . Also, for re-delivery, additional amounts will be charged. Please note prices may vary based on your booking.

6.9  As a customer, if you don’t pay for a job. Your items will not be loaded or unloaded and kept in storage for 2 weeks. Later, you are required to pay for the job and storage charges. After 14 days, if the client still hasn’t made the payment. We will be left with only one choice: dispose of all items. Please note that storage charges and disposable charges vary depending on the number of items.

• Cancellations

7.0  All bookings done within 24 hours of the booked time slots or 24 hours before the move cannot be canceled. And customers will have to pay the cancellation fee, which is 50% of the total price amount.

7.1  If the booking gets canceled because of the customer’s inability to find a parking spot, the customer will be charged the price for 4 hours of the service you have chosen as a cancellation fee.

7.2  We, as House Movers, has the right to cancel and or change any booking due to:

•Unsecured booking or no deposits made

•Booking with invalid or wrong details

•Not treating our drivers with respect

7.3  We will not refund any deposits made for the booking or reservation if the booking is canceled.

• Jobs that we do not accept

7.4  We apologise for not taking any job that includes taking things through balconies and windows or the removal of chemicals or fire arms and ammunition.

7.5  Heavy items, for example, pianos, etc., must be on the ground floor for removal. The job may be canceled otherwise or the items not being transported.

• Our rights to dispose of customers’ goods

7.6  If any goods are left in our vechicles or with employees. You must contact us and collect it within 7 days.

7.7 Customers who cannot collect their items in the time described above; can contact us and inform us about it and state a valid reason for being unable to take their things. After that, we will arrange for the item’s whole storage or delivery at the cost of the customer.

7.8  We want to acknowledge to our customers that our driver will only wait for 20 minutes after arrival. If you don’t respond to our employees’ attempt to contact you, the job will be left undone, and the full payment will be required for booking.

7.9  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all of their items are removed; if the vehicle is not the right size for your move or if another trip is request to back to the property to pick up the remaining items, for any reason not mentioned at booking, you will have to pay the additional charges.

• Congestion Charge

8.0  Because our vechles must go through the CC London zones in London and Free Air Zones in Birmingham and Bristol, we have to charge our customers for tany congestion charges.

• Discounts

8.1  If you book online, you get a 5% discount on the total amount.

8.2  Students, elderly, people with disabilities, special forces, NHS Staff who book our services get a 10% discount . But they have to provide us with their ID for verification ID purposes.

• International Moving

8.3  For International moves, we provide our customers with additional services and support and reduce their stress level during the house moving process.

8.4  Our Quotations include traveling expenses and toll charges.

• Privacy

8.5  All details we receive from our customers must be correct and up to date.

8.6  We respect your privacy, and only the selected drivers for the job will be provided with your Informations.

• Call Recording

8.7  For quality and training purposes, all of our calls are recorded.

• Feedbacks

8.8  We encourage our customers to give us their feedback. As we review all your feedback and take them into account. We will be more than happy to receive your feedback on our services.