Practical Moving House Checklist & Tips For First Time UK Home Movers

Preparing to move home for the first time. This moving house checklist is packed with wonderful moving tips to help you out that little bit more when moving home. With so many important things to remember when moving home you will want to be sure that your following the best moving home checklist and guide listed below.

Two Months Prior To Moving Home

Ask for recommendations from friends and family about which removal companies they have used in the past. This will give you an idea of which companies you should choose.

Give proper notice to your employees that you will be needing time off work to complete the moving process.

Book a moving survey so your chosen moving company can provide you with a removals quote

Week Ends and Bank Holidays are days you should try to avoid when moving home as many removal companies charge more for moving on these days.

Decide exactly what furniture you are going to take with you to the new home. Make piles of three 1 for keeps, 2 for local charities, 3 for recycling. ( This can help to reduce the amount of clutter within the new home and help make your move less expensive).

Start preparing for your move early. Especially if doing your own packing. You will need to purchase all the moving boxes and packing supplies for your move.

If moving from a large family house with a lot of furniture and completing your own packing, it can be wise to pack just a few moving boxes a day, along with packing a few larger items of furniture a day. This will make packing your own home much easier and ensure all boxes are safely packed.

Six Weeks Before Moving Home

Book a removal company at least 6 weeks before moving and have your chosen move date booked in and confirmed. Be sure to have your booking confirmed in writing and don’t forget to read their terms and conditions.

Notify the relevant service providers of your home move, so you can have all the services reconnected within the new home. Some of the providers you may need to contact include:

Moving Home Checklist

Moving Home Checklist

Prepare for the new home to be cleaned, cleared of old furniture or decorated before moving in. The new home may be left in a untidy condition, give it a little clean before filling the rooms with furniture. This moving house checklist will ensure you get all those task done.

Arrange for a childminder or family relative to take the children to the park for the day. This will give you the time to concentrate on your move.Arrange for some one to take the pets out for a walk while the move is underway. If this is not possible you can arrange to house them at the kennels. Check up with solicitors regarding the exchange of contracts and finalising the exact move date so you can notify your moving company.

Keep a box separately with all your valuable items, documents and jewellery. These items should not be loaded on to the removal truck, but in the boot of your car.

Four Weeks Before Moving Home

Start to prepare awkward items like plants for removal

Try to get the kids involved in the move as much as you can. Let them sort their own belongings and pack their own bedroom items. You could even let them decorate the boxes in their own colours.

If moving a long distance away, you will need to service your vehicle or arrange for public transport to the new home. You will need to make sure you arrive at the new home prior to the movers, unless you can provide them with a spare key for the new home.

Pack, Pack, Pack. Keep packing up all your boxes and larger items of furniture. Your move date is getting closer, so you will need to make sure every thing is packed and boxed in time for when the movers arrive.

Arrange for a parking permit if required. If a permit is not necessary you will need to save a parking space for the removal truck to be parked out side of your home. Be aware as many removal companies will pass on to the customer any parking fines they accrue while completing the move.

Return all library books and magazines to avoid any cost or charges

Don’t forget to collect your best suits and clothing from the dry cleaners or laundry

2 Weeks Before Moving Day

Check up on your removals company. Make sure they still remember the most important date in your diary. Many removal companies have sadly let people down on moving day by not turning up for the move or making some lame excuse. Speak to the move advisor just to check things through.

Check with the estate agents and solicitors that all is ok and you will be moving home on the date in question. Things can change all of sudden when moving home and if they do you should be made aware straight away, but with 20 other clients to deal with your estate agents or solicitors might just forget to call. Make sure your one step ahead.

Speak to your children’s head teacher about transferring all your children’s school work and files to the new school and head teacher.

Take the family for a visit to the new home and area. This is a good time to meet your new neighbours, make new friends and see exactly what your new area has to offer.

Remind friends and family that moving day is drawing in and you will need them to assist you with the children and pets.

Double check with your service providers that you will have your utilities connect at the new home in time for when you have moved in

The Final Week Before Moving Home

Finish all packing

Contact and speak to other people in the moving chain

Use all the food in the fridge and freezer

Start disconnecting computers, electricals and other entertainment equipment

Pack an over night bag with goodies and essentials you’ll need for the first night in the new home

Start dismantling all beds. You may have to spend the night on the mattress depending on your circumstances

 Removal Day, Finally Here!

Keep all valuables safe in the boot of the car. These items should not be loaded on to the removal truck. Nor should the movers know what is inside as a precaution.

Let the movers know exactly which items are fragile, delicate or of high value, so they can take extra care when moving them.

Keep a watchful eye on the move and the moving process. Be sure the movers are placing furniture in the correct rooms and positions of your choice.

Give your old home a swift clean from top to bottom, once all furniture has been moved out. This will make life easier for the new home owner when they move in.

Before leaving the old home take meter readings and provide them to your service provider. This will stop you being charge for gas, water or electricity you have not used.

Before leaving your old home lock all the windows and doors, you may need to take the old house keys back to the estate agents.

Overall you are in safe hands the move is underway, the movers are loading your belongings and it is all going to plan. Now you can sit back relax and leave the hard work to your moving company.

Removal Tips

After all that packing of boxes and furniture you have just done, the last thing you need when you have just moved is to start unpacking right away. Here’s two options for you. Store the items and unpack a little at a time or hire your moving company to carry out a full unpacking service, so you can keep your feet up and enjoy your new home.

Purchase double wall removal boxes to pack your furniture as they are very strong and perfect for moving home.

Stay in touch with your removals company, estate agents, solicitors and other people in the moving chain.

Keep children active and involved in the moving process as they can become emotional when moving home.

We hope you find this moving house checklist helpful

If you are moving home within the UK and need professional help and advice follow our moving house checklist and tips or simply get in touch with a member of our removals team. We know moving home is hard, this is why we have taken the time to write this article and moving house checklist to ensure you do the right things at the right times when moving to your new home.

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