Changing school when moving home in Staffordshire

All the advice you need for changing Schools when Moving Home in Staffordshire

Moving home is always a stressful time especially for children who may also have to deal with changing schools when moving home in Staffordshire and making new friends. The big worry all parents will have is if their child will settle in, make new friends and like their new school. As children spend alot of time at school it is important that they are happy when moving schools.

Understanding how the Application Process works for changing Schools when Moving Home in Staffordshire:

When moving to Staffordshire your child will be eligible for a place at the local school as they will be living in the catchment area. To apply to a local school when moving schools you will need to follow the same application process as you did when your child first started school.

Contact your local authority as soon as possible.

Fill out the necessary paper work and select chosen school.

Your child’s name will appear on the waiting list.

Once a place is available you will have two weeks to accept.

You cannot predict when you will be offered a place, it may be mid term.

If you are planning on changing schools when Moving Home in Staffordshire a ‘Moving schools pack’  is available from the local authority. The pack is designed to help parents support their child as much as possible when moving schools. By collecting together as much information as possible regarding each individual child’s achievements and needs. This will help your child to settle in more quickly and start learning at an appropriate level.

How Children may react after changing schools when Moving home in Staffordshire:



Start wetting the bed.

Become shy.

Become very clingy.

Suffer with tummy aches or head aches.

Change their sleeping pattern

Have trouble concentrating.

Since it is more difficult for children to understand and deal with moving schools they may show signs of stress especially if your child is moving school following difficulties such as a divorce or parents splitting up.

Ways to deal with your children’s emotions when moving house:

Try to talk openly and honestly with your child about moving schools.

Try having a word with your child new teacher and explain any concerns you have.

Reassure your child as much as possible in the weeks before they are moving schools.

Be ready to answer any questions or concerns your child will have regarding moving schools.

If you are moving home in Staffordshire


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