Checklist for Leicester University students moving into a new house

Follow the best step by step guide & checklist for Leicester University students moving into a new house ensuring the correct boxes are ticked

If you are a student based in Leicester and are planning on moving into a house with some of your uni mates this must be a very exciting time during your uni career. To ensure the right choices are made follow our carefully planned checklist for Leicester university students moving into a new house.


Essential Checklist for Leicester University students moving into a new house

Planning and Preparation are the key factors to a stress free and fun relocation, whether you are moving close to home within the UK or moving overseas to study aboard, using our checklist for Leicester University students moving into a new house will save you alot of hassle, time and money, as well as helping you to pre plan ensuring that no important tasks are left undone.

Items you will need:

Cleaning Products – You will probably want to give the place a good clean before you unpack. Remember to stock up on essential cleaning products such as: Washing up liquid, washing powder, bleach etc

Bathroom Essentials – You are going to need more than just your toothbrush, remember to pack soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors and toothpaste along with any other bathroom essentials that you would usually use on a day to day basis.

Clean Linen – Ensure that you have a least two sets of clean bed sheets, so you will always have a spare set when one is in the wash. Clean towels are also going to be needed , allow yourself a few spares for when the others are in the wash.

Cutlery and Utensils – Along with knives and forks you are also going to need many other kitchen utensils including: pots, pans, plates, bowels and can openers etc.

Electricals – Besides your computer don’t forget the other basic electrical items you use on a daily basis. These may include: Iron, Hairdryer, hoover, microwaves and toasters.


Checklist for Leicester University students moving into a new house with other people:

If you are a student moving into a shared house  following our tips and advice will help you to have a harmonious and stress free environment.

Lay out a clear set of rules as soon as possible. if everyone in the house follow the same rules problems can be prevented.

Have a rota for the house work and domestic chores. If everyone knows when it is their turn to do each task the house work will be a lot easier to keep on top of.

Have your own cupboards and shelve space in the kitchen to save rows over eating other house mates food.

Have a lock put onto the room of your door to prevent theft and fraud. This would cause a lot of tension between house mates.

If you are a student Moving Home in Leicester


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