Essential things to remember when moving home in West Bridgeford, Nottingham

We are a fast, friendly and professional family run home removals company and we like to do our part in making sure our customer moving home have the best head start for their home relocation, being organized and knowing the essential things to remember when moving home in West Bridgeford can save you valuable time and money in the long run.

Essential things to remember when moving home in West Bridgeford, Nottingham

Always start preparing for your move at least two months prior to your removal day, find a removal company you are comfy with and make sure your chosen removal date is booked,  and some professional movers will need a deposit to secure your removal day, which gives you should give you flexibility in case your removal day falls through and you need to change moving dates, it also gives you piece of mind so you can relax knowing your are all book in.

Don’t always consider the price when search for a removal company as your removal quote will be calculated from a number of things, all of the following factors will determine how expensive your move may be:

Distance of Travel

Size of Property

Removal Boxes

Home Packing etc

Access to your Property

Essential things to remember when moving home in West Bridgeford, Nottingham

You will need to start shopping for boxes and packaging materials, keep the boxes when you buy some thing if possible it will all be useful to put something into them, hold onto old newspapers, with can be great cushioning for delicate items, you will also need to make sure you have bubble wrapping, labels, tape, wardrobe boxes and marker pens ready for packing your furniture and belongings. Don’t forget you can have the professional removal men to wrap and pack every item of furniture for that extra reassurance that your belongings will be settled at their new destination in one piece.

Once you have all your removal boxes pack all your items that you don’t use the most, there is no need to pack all your furniture until at least 7 days before moving, the beds and your most used furniture can be done at least 24hrs before your removal, when packing this way you can do a little every day on the run up to your removal this will make your home packing a walk in the park spreading it over a couple of months, being prepared cost nothing and saves time and money in the long run.Taking the bunk beds down or a triple wardrobe when the removal men are their can be a stressful situation and could hold up the removal men on your move so it’s always best to ensure that every thing is prepared and dismantled before your removal day.

Some of the essential things to remember when moving home in West Bridgeford, Nottingham is you will need to notify your consumers of the following changes:

Change of Address

Change of Children’s schools (arrange for school records to be sent to new school)

Notify your home phone supplier and have your number switched over or disconected

Notify your gas, electric, water (let them know your new address

Banks and your Credit card companies

Sattalite T.V

Driving License

Arrange for the care of your children on the day of your move 

Contact Royal Mail for the redirection of your mail

Defrost the fridge leaving doors ajar for ventilation

Moving with pets arrange for the care of them or place into a secured and locked room (remember to notify the removal men what room the pets are in)

Note down your final meter reading and inform you gas, electric and water supplier of what it is

Gather all the keys to your home windows and garage keys included and give them to the new owner

You will need to check with your estate agents when the keys for your new home will be ready for collection

Keep things like milk, coffee, tea, biscuits, and snacks out so you don’t go hungry on the day of your move 

Over see the whole move process, keeping an eye on what furniture the removal men are moving into the van, when every thing is loaded double check each room before leaving the property.

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