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Find out the best ways of how to cope with moving home or office within the East Midlands Region, including Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire

Moving home can be a happy and exciting feeling, but on the other hand it can be an emotional and stressful experience for some people and their families. Our guide offers the perfect information and assistance on how to cope with moving home or office within the East Midlands Region. Knowing how to cope with moving home or office is vital. The more information you can gather on how to cope with moving home or office the better your move will be.

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Give yourself enough time

The day you know you are moving home, is the day you should notify your moving company. Having your mover onside from an early stage, is a good start toward a stress free house or office removal. Booking your move early, will ensure your removal date is confirmed and booked in. A home visit from your moving company will help you to relax, knowing your move is in safe hands.

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Make a plan of action

When moving home or office there will be so many important duties that will need to be completed, make a list of all the tasks that you will need to do and tick them off the list once they have been done. Below we have listed a few task you may need to do and suppliers you may need to notify, regarding your move.

Gas, Water, Electric – Notify your suppliers of your change of address as far in advance as you possibly can, this will allow them enough time to have all of your connections ready at your new address.

Check Meter Reading – This will need to be done before you leave the property, provide the meter reading to your supplier and notify them of your new address and details, to see if they supply the area you are moving to.

Phone, Tv, Broadband – having your phone, tv and broadband set up can take up 3 weeks. Notify your supplier in advance so they can arrange to have an engineer install your connections in time for when you move in to your new home or office.

Give house or office a last clean – when moving home or office you will want to ensure that the people moving into your property, have a clean and tidy home or office, giving the place a hover or hiring in professional cleaners will help to ease the task loads for you.

Packing Boxes and Crates – Hiring a professional house removals company will ensure your packing is completed safely and correctly, using the right removal boxes, crates and number packers to complete your packing service safely. If you decide to complete the packing your self this can prove to be costly as many removal companies do not provide insurance for customers that pack their own furniture and belongings, so check this with your movers.

If you are struggling with how to cope with moving home or office remember keeping a list of what you need to do will ensure that nothing is missed or forgotten during the process of your home or office removal. Getting what you need set up in your new home or office will help you to relax, knowing every thing is being taken care of, how it should be.

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Moving with  Children

Moving home with a family and small children can be a stressful time for some home movers. Asking close friends or family if they could take the children out for the day, so that you can delegate the move, without having to worry where the children are. It is always best to keep younger children entertained for the day, whilst the moving process is under-way. The children will be happy to be treated for the day and can arrive happily at your new home.

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Prepare your self 

Preparing yourself for what lies ahead is essential, as you will need to bare in mind that your new home or office will be filtered with boxes and crates and you may find this some thing that is, uneasy to deal with. The best solution for this is to either spread the boxes out, throughout the house or office, in the correct rooms. If you find you have to many boxes in each room, blocking the walking access, you could place them in another room or start unpacking a few boxes, again this is a service you can ask your moving company to provide, taking the complete stress of moving home or office away. The other solution will be to place the majority of the boxes you will not use straight away into a spare room, where you can take a few boxes out a day to unpack. Unpacking a few boxes on your own, is better than tackling all the boxes at one time.

It can feel unusual at times with boxes in every room, but stick to your plan of action and you will get their in the end, it isn’t as bad as it seems.

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The Keys to your new home or office

When considering how to cope with moving home or office bear in mind that sometimes there can be a big delay in the entire process which is neither your fault nor the moving company and this is the keys. The estate agents will not release keys to the property until all necessary paperwork and documents have been signed and completed successfully. Due to this the entire move is drawn to a holt and the moving company and movers will be eager and waiting to get on with their job, as well as the person moving home.

This can cause a lot of stress for people moving home, as they are 9 times out of 10 unaware, about the issues with the keys being released on time for when they arrive at their new property with the removal men.

Find out with your estate agents and solicitors when you will receive your keys on your removal day, avoid being charge excessive waiting times from your removals company. Many professional removal companies can start your move later on in the day, to avoid you paying excessive waiting time charges.

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Have a back up plan ready

If for some crazy reason your removal company cancelled at the last-minute, have another two who you can call in the case of an emergency, there are loads of removal companies out there that will gladly provide you with a last-minute removal service, so don’t worry.

If you arrive at your new home to find the sofa wont fit in the rooms, you may need to arrange storage for the sofa or items that won’t fit. Locate a storage facility close to where you are moving.

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Ask Friends and family for help

When moving home or office asking a friend or family to help you to complete those tasks we mentioned early, will help to ease the stress a lot, ensuring you are not exhausted by the end of the day. A little help goes a long way when moving home or office and can help speed up the entire moving process.

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Get enough rest 

The night before your move you want to get an early night, this will help you to be alert on the day of your move. On the day of your move have a breakfast and eat heathy snacks throughout the day. Being organized and focused on the day of your move, on an empty belly can make you feel sick and wheezy at times, so eating correctly is essential for making you feel happy and relaxed and in a good mood during the moving process.

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Say your farewells to friends and family

Saying good-bye is never an easy thing to do, especially if you are moving far away from family or friends, to make saying good-bye much easier through a little party to show your relatives how much they will be missed.

Exchange phone numbers and addresses with work colleagues, friends and relatives, so you can contact them as and when needed, and they can visit you in your new home or town.


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If you are moving home or office in the East Midlands Region, including Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire then please get in touch with our fast, friendly and caring moving company, we have the best solution for all your moving needs. Book your FREE home survey today

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