Great tips and advice for families moving home in Bingham with houseplants

Sometimes one of the most difficult decisions we face when we are moving home is what to do with the Houseplants. As plants often become part of the family we offer useful and practical advice for anyone moving home in Bingham with Houseplants.

 Follow the steps below to protect your plants as much as you can during transportation.

When Moving Home in Bingham with houseplants it is a good idea to re-pot your plants into plastic containers. Just remember that your plants need time to adjust and recuperate from re-potting, so do this a few weeks in advance of the move.

Tall plants need to be wrapped in plastic or bagged. Remember to put a few air holes in the bag to allow your plants to breath.

Line some appropriately sized, strong, double walled boxes with plastic and place the plants inside the box.

Use bubble wrap to fill the gaps between the pot and the box. This will help stop the plant pots from moving around in the box during transit.

When your plants arrive at your new home, make sure you remove the plastic immediately, take them out of their boxes and give them some water and plant food.

If you had transplanted them into plastic containers and you want to put them back into their original pots, make sure you wait a week before doing this.

You don’t want to over-stress them by changing their location, then re-potting them. This could result in stunted growth or even death.

If you want to take some of your outdoor plants with you, take some cuttings. Purchase some floral tubes, fill them with water, then cap them. This should ensure that your cuttings arrive ready for your new garden.

Keep an eye on any garden plants that you do take to your new home as the difference in soil, climate and air quality will have an affect on their health.

Moving Home in Bingham with Houseplants

Moving Home in Bingham with Houseplants

Houseplants are extremely fragile and are very likely to suffer from the move. Some moving companies will not even allow plants on their vans. Ask before your move if the Removal company has any rules on plants.

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