Removal boxes to use when moving home in Loughborough Leicestershire

We have provided the best information for customers wondering, “what removal boxes to use for each item” when moving home in Loughborough Leicestershire. Packing your home can be a complex task with out, professional help and assistance. Our house removals company is designed to save our customers valuable time, effort and money when moving home in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Moving Home in Loughborough, Leicestershire

Smaller Removal Boxes should be used to pack only heavy smaller items, such as books, records, tins, bottles, cutlery, heavy food (rice, sugar etc) and heavy ornaments. Long stemmed glasses, delicate ornaments, very fragile china, glasses and small pictures should also be packed in these boxes. Books, for the most part, should be packed flat. They may be packed on their edges, but never with the opening facing downwards as this may break the binding. Pictures and records should be packed on their edges. When packing bottles in to smaller removal boxes, be sure all tops are tight and pack all the bottles in an upright position in the box.

Medium Sized Removal Boxes are the most commonly used and are used for most other household effects such as pots, pans, glass, china, ornaments, pictures, clothing, food etc. When packing china plates they should be placed on their edges, never flat, on the bottom of the box in batches of three or four, with paper between each plate. When the bottom of the box is covered continue filling with heavy china , Pyrex, mugs, bowls, vases etc. On top of this place glass and china (pack glasses upright.) Fill the boxes to capacity using soft items such as pillows, cushions, towels, cuddly toys, etc. This will help to take up any space left over inside the box. It is also a good idea to place soft items between each layer of china. Try not overfill the removal boxes, keep them square and in shape.

Larger Removal Boxes should be used for lighter items such as clothing, light linen, shoes, bedding, toys, board games etc. You may also pack light pots and pans in these cartons. Keep back a sufficient amount of large boxes, for packing of bedding in current use. Mark all removal boxes accordingly ie. BED 1, BEDDING, this will ensure they are easily identified, which will make life easier when it comes to making up the beds and unpacking once you arrive at your new home.

Moving Home in Loughborough, Leicestershire


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