How you can make moving house in Repton Derbyshire a success

There are many things that you can do when moving house in Repton Derbyshire to help make sure everything goes to plan and your home relocation is a complete success.

what can you do

Set a realistic budget:  Moving house in Repton, Derbyshire can vary dramatically in price depending on the level of assistance or the number of services that you require. Decide exactly what you can and cannot afford. Set a budget and stick to it. Some of these services may include:

  • House removals

    Clearance service

  • Home Packing

    Dismantling & Assembly

Home Packing : If you decide to do your own home packing you will need to be extra safe and pack all items extremely well. All breakable, delicate items or even items that may chip or scratch should be wrapped in bubble or foam wrap before being placed into the correctly sized removal boxes. All larger items of furniture including sofas, tables, draws and dressers should also be wrapped in a protective layer of bubble wrap or cling film to protect them from scratching or damage during your move.

Get a fixed price quote : When looking for removal quotes always ask for a fixed price quotation. Hourly rates may sound appealing however they can end up being very expensive as it is impossible to predict exactly how long a removal will take.  With a fixed price quote you will know in advance exactly where you stand and the exact amount due for your move. This will help you financially budget for your move before it happens.

Be Honest : From your very first point of contact you should always be honest and upfront with your removal company. Being honest from the beginning will save any unwelcome surprises  or charges on the day of your move. Some of the things to mention would include:

  • Access problems to both old and new properties

    Floor level of both properties

  • Estimated wait for keys

    Volume of items to be moved

Following our great advice will ensure that everything goes to plan when you are moving house in Repton, Derbyshire.

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