Moving house with your dog

Moving house with your dog

Owners have many worries about how their companion will cope and how to ensureHere at MnM we understand that moving house can be a difficult time for you and your dog. that their dog does not wander off and get lost in a new environment. If the new house is not far from the old one they may worry that somehow the dog will end up back at the old house! However with care full planning you can successfully relocate your dog with minimum stress.

Naturally leading up to moving day, you’re going to be very busy.  If you possibly can, book your dog into a local kennel for a few days before and after.  They get a holiday and you know that they are safe and sound.  There will be lots of doors left unattended and open during the day and lots of strangers coming and going.  The last thing you want is your dog to go missing or be injured in any way. However, if you can’t arrange anything, then make sure that one person only is responsible for your dog during the day.

Once you’re actually in your new home, there are a few simple tips to help your dog settle in:

  • Make sure that you find a quiet place for their basket or indoor kennel.  And give them all their toys to make it feel more like home!  Leave their bedding unwashed before you move to encourage them and reinforce the smell of his or her bed so that they feel more comfortable.


  • Get into a routine as soon as possible.  Pick somewhere to feed your dog and use the same place for the first week or so.  Stick to your normal food too as this will also ensure that your dog’s diet remains normal.  Play with your dog in different parts of the house and the garden, using lots of treats and praise to help them to adjust to the new spaces.


  • At this time, depending on the dog’s age and temperament, you may find that house training problems can occur.  Try not to make a fuss and clear up any accidents without comment.  If your dog has been house trained already they will soon settle down as long as you take time to show them where you want them to go.  For puppies, go back to the beginning as if you were bringing them home for the first time.


  • When leaving them on their own or at night time, bear in mind that there will be lots of different sounds and smells in your new home.  The sun may rise directly into the space where your dog sleeps which may mean that he or she wakes up a little earlier than normal.  Your dog may bark or make some noise when left alone.  Try not to respond and they will soon settle down.  If they become anxious or you feel that the situation is getting worse, go and see your vet for some assistance sooner rather than later to help your dog adjust.


  • Finally, take them out on short walks in the local area, keeping them on an extending lead or long line for a while just to make sure that they don’t run off and get lost.  Even dogs with a really good recall can occasionally disappear when they are excited by new sights and smells!


Once you and your dog have settled in you now have the difficult task of finding a new vet. Visiting the following will help you make the right informed choice.


Moving house with your dog

Moving house with your dog

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