The perfect opportunity to get £50 off house removals when moving home in Leicestershire

This is a great time to choose MnM Removals for your house removal as we are giving all clients moving home before 1 Jan 2017 in Leicestershire with over 200 cubic feet of furniture (average 2-3 bedroom house) a whopping £50 off the entire price of your move.

We know moving around the Christmas festive season in Leicestershire can be stressful especially for families, so we’ve offered some thing to ensure you can enjoy a more pleasant moving experience, while not breaking the bank or costing you the would.

One of the first questions people tend to ask when searching for a removal company in Leicestershire is: How much is it to hire a pro removals company for my move.

With MnM Removals your move may not cost as much money as you may think. We pride ourselves on providing expert moving services at affordable rates that our clients can rely on.

All removal quotes provide are free and will be a fixed price, this is so you are always aware of how much your removal in Leicestershire will cost you in advance, so you can prepare and budget for your move if necessary.

Why choose our removal company when moving home in Leicestershire

MnM Removals and its professional removals team understands moving home can be pain and a stressful situation for some people. When moving home in Leicestershire things can occur that is not in your control. For example waiting for the estate agents to release the new house keys so the movers can off load your furniture in to the new house.

What ever the issue when moving home in Leicestershire the MnM team will plan and prepare in advance for the worst case scenarios insuring your moving cost are kept to an absolute minimum.

Another popular way to save on moving expenses for your house removals in Leicestershire

Customers can benefit from a 10% discount when Mixing n Matching our removal services. All services can be tailored to meet our clients exact moving needs, budget and requirements.

Customers can Mix n Match and choose from any of the removal services listed below

  • House Removals UK & European Moves
  • Home Packing & Unpacking
  • Boxes & Packaging
  • Dismantling & Assembly
  • House Furniture Clear Out
  • Self Store & Container Storage
  • Piano Removals
  • Fine Art & Antique Removals
  • Specialist Moves and much more

We are a one stop shop for successful moving solutions that ensure you and your family can settle comfortably into your new home and new surroundings at a price that doesn’t break the bank or cripple your finances.

Find out how our removals company can help you when moving home in Leicestershire

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