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  • Introduction
  • What is a house clearance in Leicester?
  • How to recycle and clear my large furniture in Leicester?
  • What furniture can i clear from my house clearance in Leicester?
  • How long will my house clearance take in Leicester?
  • Wha can i expect when arranging a house bereavement clearance in Leicester?
  • What happens to my furniture once it has been cleared from my home in Leicester?
  • Is a house clearance good for the environment of Leicester?
  • What sort of house clearance services are available in Leicester?
  • How much will a house clearance service cost in Leicester?
  • How to find a reliable house clearance company in Leicester?
  • What items will my house clearance team take?
  • How to book in a house clearance company in Leicester?
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Looking to revamp your home with new items and furniture? Planning to get rid of all your old items in exchange for new? Preparing for a bereavement clearance in Leicestershire or a office clearance in Leicestershire? What ever the reason for your clearance you will want to read this excellent blog post all about house clearance services to help ensure your clearance day goes a smooth as can be.

  • What is a house clearance?

A house clearance in Leicestershire is the best way to clear and recycle large amounts of furniture in bulk. It is similar to a house removal. The only difference is that the clearance team will not be moving your furniture to a new home. Instead your furniture will taken to a government registered recycling facility with in the East Midlands, Leicester & UK. Your house clearance items can also end up in second hand furniture store and charity shops.

  • How to recycle and clear my large furniture?

It can be hard to throw out old furniture as a lot of the items will not fit in to a standard bin. The options available would be to either

  • Hire a skip
  • Remove the items your self 
  • Hire a house clearance company

The easiest and stress free option is to hire a house clearance company in the East Midlands, Leicester to remove all items for you. It’s less hassle than hiring a skip and finding a space to put it and a lot better than mucking in your self. A house clearance company will pack and box all smaller items and dismantle all larger items and furniture. Saving you time, money and physical hard work.

  • What furniture can i clear on my house clearance?

You can clear almost any bric a brac, large items, power tools, lawn mowers, cutlery, beds wardrobes, carpets, curtains, wood, glass and doors. You can basically clear the entire house of its contents. The only items that are more difficult to clear are items like fridges, freezers (as the have dangerous gases inside), chemicals, hazardous products or flammable liquids.

  • How long will my house clearance take?

Your house clearance can take a while to prepare. If doing it your self it can take a lot longer. However if you bring in a professional house clearance company they have the expertise to clear a stand home with in just 1 working day. For large 4 -5 bedroom homes that are cluttered with items, bric a brac and large furniture, the process may take up to 2 days to complete.

  • What can i expect when arranging a house bereavement clearance?

When planning to use a house clearance firm for your bereavement clearance you can expect a friendly and courteous service that is carried out with the most care and respect. A bereavement clearance can be an emotional time for the family. Hiring a reputable house clearance company you will ease all lot of the pain moving the furniture. A bereavement clearance services is the best way to clear a home of the contents for family members, especially after such an emotional time.

  • What happens to my furniture once it has been cleared from my home?

The furniture, bric a brac and items that are cleared from your home will end up either with in a second hand shop locally or end up in to a furniture charity shop near by. If using a house clearance company they will do what ever it takes to ensure as many items are either re-homed or recycled in to new products and materials. Instead of the items and large amounts of furniture ending up in land fill. Which has a harmful impact on our environment. Many clearance companies work along side the local councils, using registered waste recycling sites across the East Midlands, Leicestershire and the UK.

  • Is a house clearance good for the environment?

A house clearance is perfect for the environment as it helps to reduce the clutter on our streets. It help to give and provide furniture for people to reuse at a discounted rate. It reduces the use of having large vehicles delivering large skips and finding a suitable place to put the skip outside of the house. With out professional house clearance companies a lot of furniture  would end up littering our street,  be fly tipped or end up in land fill.

  • What sort of house clearance services are available?

There are many house clearance services you can choose when looking for a house clearance company. A clearance service helps you to get the most dirtiest of properties in to a fit and liveable condition for estate agents, private land lords and the general public. So you can either sell on or rent out your property and homes to potential customers.

  • How much will a house clearance service cost in the East Midlands, Leicester?

A house clearance service can cost any thing, but will all depend on your exact needs and requirements. Below are some examples of how much a house clearance service in the East Midlands, Leicestershire may cost.

1 -2 bedroom flat clearance – You could expect to pay £200 – £350 to have the items cleared. For the packing of the items an additional cost of £100 – £150 which should include materials.

3 – 4 bedroom house clearance service costs – This will be a higher price of around £350 – £500. Packing will be more about £150 – £250.

For larger properties the price will increase. As house clearance companies charge based on the bulk of the items to be moved and recycled.

  • How to find a reliable house clearance company?

While there are rouge house clearance companies out there. There are other companies that are reputable and really do want to make a difference to impact of our environment and the world we live in. So to find a clearance company like this you can search the internet, ask friends and family for recommendations, search the local newspapers or yellow pages. You can speak to second hand or charity shop as many of them provide house clearance service that may be able to help.

  • What items will my house clearance team take?

Your house clearance company will be able to clear, remove and dispose of most items. Some of which include Beds, sofas, cutlery, tv’s, dvd’s, tapes, glasses and plates, carpets and rugs, wardrobes, dining tables, sideboards, bedside tables, mirrors, pictures, tv units, clothing, towels, hi fi systems, old radiators, safes, garden items and furniture, garage and attic clutter.

  • How to book in a house clearance company?

To arrange and book your house clearance services you can either email, call 08000025543 or use our contact form listed below. You can get a instance quote and response by submitting a house clearance inventory by Clicking Here.

Do you have a lot of unwanted items and clutter around your house in Leicester that you’d like to remove? If so, you need to hire a house clearance company that can clear out all these items quickly and efficiently. 

MNM Removals has a team of house clearance specialists who can remove and dispose of your unwanted furniture, curtains, fittings, fixtures, rugs, and other personal items. We can clear out all the items in your home, a few items, or a single item if necessary. There are no restrictions on the volume or size of your house clearance project.

In addition, we are registered waste carriers who know how to dispose and recycle waste items properly. In fact, we have already recycled about 59% of all the things we’ve removed from people’s houses and donated another 23% of the items to charity. Our team goes out of its way to protect the environment while providing exemplary customer service. 

Do you need someone to help you pack and box your items? Don’t worry, because we offer packing and boxing services too. Our clearance team will bring all the necessary box and tape supplies, so you don’t have to worry about getting them. Just leave all the hard work to us.

If you decide to keep any of the furniture or other items we remove, MNM Removals would be happy to store these items for you in a secure location. We have affordable self-storage units for people transitioning between homes who want to keep their things somewhere safe until they’re ready to move into their new home.   

Would you like to learn more about our house clearance services in Leicester? Contact us at 08000025543 or email us at


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