Follow our house removal checklist when moving home in Lichfield, Staffordshire

Moving home requires a lot of important task to consider, for a safe and stress free move. Below our removals company has listed a house removal checklist when moving home in Lichfield, Staffordshire to ensure you complete the most simple yet important tasks when moving to your new home.

Our house removal checklist when moving home in Lichfield, Staffordshire lists all aspects of your move, trying to remind customers and new home owners of the essential things, that you may need to under take when moving home.

House Removal Checklist When Moving Home in Lichfield

5-4 Weeks before your removal

  • Get a moving estimate (we recommend that a home survey is essential)
  • Hire a fast, friendly and reliable house removal company for your move.
  • Decide what furniture you want to keep and what old, unused furniture or items you pass on or give to local charity shops.
  • Order enough removal boxes and packaging materials for your home packing.
  • Notify gas, electric, phone, broadband, tv suppliers etc of your removal date, new address and details.
  • Notify doctors, dentist, and other health care centres of your change of address.
  • Notify banks, HM Revenue, DVLA etc of your new address
  • If moving home with children, notify schools and colleges of your move.
  • Check you have home insurance in place for when you move in to your new home address.
  • If you currently live in rented accommodation, notify your land lord or estate agents of your removal date.
  • If possible start to prepare your home for when you move in to  your new home.
  • Buy less food on the run up to your removal and try to use open food and drinks, before your removals day.

3-2 Weeks before your move

  • If you are completing the home packing
  • Be sure you have enough boxes, tape and bubble wrap, to ensure your items are protected safely.
  • Wrap all fragile and delicate items using bubble wrap or wrapping paper, especially in the kitchen.
  • Label all boxes and ensure that the are taped up and secure.
  • Never leave a box half empty always, pack it out using duvet or pillows.
  • Larger boxes are for lighter items and small boxes are for heavy items, like books.
  • Wrap all pictures and mirrors using bubble wrap, extra bubble wrap, will help add extra protection.
  • Wrap all mattresses using shrink-wrap or mattress protectors, this will stop them from getting scuffed or dirty.
  • Dismantle large, bulky furniture that will not get down the stairs or turn round corners, like wardrobes, dinning tables and beds.
  • Take every thing out of the loft and place in to boxes for the removal men.
  • Pack the garage , garden and shed tools.

Other useful tips

  • Empty flammable fluids from lawn mowers and generators.
  • Keep a bag handy for all screws, nuts and bolts, so you can easily assemble your furniture once arrived at your new home.
  • Ask friends and family to help you clean your current home once the removal men have gone and unpack at your new home.
  • Arrange for close friends and family to baby sit while the move is under way.
  • If you are moving home and have pets, arrange for them to be look after for the day, by close friends and family.
  • Let the local milkman know you will not be needing their services in that area, see if they cover the new area, you are moving to.
  • Send back all library books, magazines, dvds and videos you have rented.

1 Week before your move

  • Pack an over night box, with your essentials you will need for the first night in your new home, kettle, toaster, toothbrush, towels etc.
  • Take the car in for a final check up, especially when moving long distances.
  • Speak to estate agents about the release of keys on removal day, find out exactly what time you will be able to collect them.
  • Double check every thing is going according to plan with your removals company.
  • All packing should be completed and larger items taken down.

24 hrs before your move

  • Check all removal boxes are packed and ready to go and nothing is going to be left behind.
  • Have some food to eat before you go to bed, this will help keep your energy up on your removal day.
  • Get an early night.

Removals day 

  • Stay in touch with solicitor, estate agents and other people in the moving chain.
  • Leave the movers to get on with loading the removal truck, while you sort the important things that need to be done, at your new home.
  • Try to arrive at your new home before the removal men do, so you can clean before they safely off load the furniture.
  • Once the removal truck has arrived, navigate the movers to what rooms the furniture is going to.

If you have just bought a new house, moving home and need a reliable house removals company then please contact our friendly removals team today, so we can help your move become a successful experience for you and your family.

House Removal Checklist When Moving Home in Lichfield

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