MnM Removals have put together a house removal check list and tips making sure your house removal is nothing but successful

We know that planning to move home can be a very emotional experience to deal with for most people and families, we like to make sure you are doing the right thing when planning your move.

From the first and last point of contact with our removals company we guarantee a welcoming and friendly moving experience

6 weeks before house removal

Make a list to determine what you would like the removal men to take to your new home and what you will give away to family and friends, sell or donate to charities.

Look into schools and child care to be changed and have all school records transferred to new school of your choice.

If you require a professional house moving company to complete and move you to your new home give them a call and get the best removal quotes available to you.

Let your family and friends know you will be moving home soon,  so they can have enough time and notice be available to help you on removal day.

Start searching attractions close to your new home, you should have parks, schools, shops, pubs, clubs and theaters to choose from.

If you are moving abroad be sure all passports and documentations you may need are valid.

5 weeks before house removal

Ask your doctor and dentist to file your medical documents to your new doctors and dentist, you can find these services by checking with your local health services in your new area.

Order all packing equipment, house removal boxes, tape, bubble wrap, corner protectors, sofa protectors and mattress protectors early, to avoid them running out of supply.

If you are moving for work related reasons contact your employer and see what cost they will pay towards your house removals.

House Removals Check List and Tips

House Removals Check List and Tips

4 weeks before house removal

Leave friends and family with your contact details before you leave so they can stay in touch with you.

Ask for finale accounts on gas, electric, water etc, as you do not want to be billed for any future tennants moving into your old home, so notify all your consumers letting them know when the removal day is and when you will be no longer at the property.

Confirm your moving date with your chosen house removals company, to avoid any delays.

Start packing some of your belongings, it is best to pack a few boxes a day, leaving what you use the most till the end.

3 weeks before house removal

Try not to fill the fridge and cupboards with food, buy little or day by day.

Fill in change of address forms available in your local post office

Arrange for mail to be forwarded to your new address online.

Return any borrowed items, library books and videos.

2 weeks before house removal

Dispose of all your flammable chemicals ,cleaning products, paint and gas.

Remind family or friends to look after the children and the pets on moving day.

Empty childrens school lockers and clear your important files and documents from your work desk or office.

If your moving long distance , have your vehicle checked over.

1 week before house removal

Place important items in a safe place to avoid losing them.

Have all packing done and dusted, with boxes labeled and furniture wrap ready to be moved.

Reserve elevator if moving from highrise building.

Defrost freezer

Arrange for street parking at both addresses for the removal truck

Removals Day

Be on hand to answer any queries your house removals team may have when moving your belongings.

Check the house from top to bottom making sure that nothing is left behind.

Charge mobile phones.

Indicate to your removals company what are sentimental value items and the furniture they should take care of.

Arrive at your new destination before the removals team.

Label all rooms so the removals team can put the selected boxes in the correct rooms of your choice.

Book house cleaner to come in and clean house after the house removals and at your new home.

Now you can relax and let the house removals team load the vehicle.

House Removals Check List and Tips

House Removals Check List and Tips

House Removals Check List and Tips Summary

Organisations and people you may need to notify of your house removal

  1. Doctors,
  2. Dentist,
  3. Vet,
  4. Place of worship,
  5. Milkman,
  6. DVLA,
  7. Satalite connection,
  8. Social clubs,
  9. Bank,
  10. Post Office,
  11. Library,
  12. Schools,
  13. Council,
  14. Inland Revenue,
  15. Internet provider,
  16. Car Insurance,
  17. Gas Provider,
  18. Electric Provider,
  19. House Insurance,
  20. Car Insurance