Moving House Find Out How do house removal companies calculate my move

When choosing a professional moving home, house removals company there will be so many things that will determine the final costs of your home move. Every house removal is different from one another, so your moving company may need to complete a home survey to provide the most cost-effective and accurate quote possible. Our guide on how do house removal companies calculate my move will give you some idea of how your home move is calculated and worked out.

Prior to the move

Prior to receiving your home move quotation, your moving company will provide you with a free no obligation home survey. Your survey will involve a detailed inventory of the items to be moved to your new. Your survey is the perfect opportunity for us to understand your move needs and requirements when moving home. Your survey will reflect the overall price quoted for your move, as we will go through further on. The volume of furniture calculated at your home will determine the actual size of your move, enabling your moving company to provide the right size vehicles and team for your move.

Furniture or specialists items to be moved

If your move involves moving awkward parts of furniture like pianos, marble tables or heavy work tops, this may reflect the price of your move, as a specialist team may be required to move the items safely, using the correct tools or machinery. For example using a piano hoist machine or crane to lift a baby grand piano up 6 flights of stairs through a window, will mean the move will be calculated as more expensive. If moving the piano from a ground floor to ground floor your move will be worked at a much cheaper rate.

The nature of your home move

Your move will be calculated by its nature. For example if the moving truck is too big to get up your road to the front door, your move may be calculated as more expensive, as the movers will have to walk a distance to and from the removal truck to the house. The same will apply when moving from a flat or an apartment, as this type of move will involve loading furniture onto a lift or maneuvering furniture down flights of stairs, which takes time and makes the move that more difficult for the movers.

The removal services to be carried out

Your move is calculated by the removal services your moving company will carry out within your home. You can request your moving company to carry out your house removals, home packing, self storage, house clearance, dismantling and assembling or unpacking service. In many cases your moving company will provide all removal boxes and packaging materials, that will be required to ensure your entire home contents are wrapped, packed and safely placed into removal boxes ready to be transported by your home movers.

The distance from your current home to your new home

The distance of your home move plays a major role on how moving companies calculate and charge for your house removal. The distance of how far you are moving will determine the overall price and cost of your move. Local moves tend to work out cheaper than long distance moves, but again this will depend on the volume of furniture and the nature of the move. If moving a long distance your move may cost you more money, but it will take the movers longer to complete and more fuel will be used between both home adding to the cost of your home move.

The size of removal trucks and vehicles

Depending on the size of your move, will depend on the size of removal truck required to move your furniture safely from A to B. Removal trucks can come in all shapes and sizes, the most popular sizes of removal trucks are 3.5 ton removal truck, 7.5 ton removal truck, 14 ton removal truck or 18 tonne removal truck. Your home survey will determine what size removal truck you will require for your move and circumstances.

Waiting for keys for your new home

On many occasions, when clients are moving home, estate agents can become home movers worst night mare. Many estate agents promise keys will be release roughly about 2 pm, the thing is the movers have turned up at 8.00 am and loaded the removal truck by 11:30 am, that’s a 2.5 hour wait, for the movers to start off loading furniture. Many moving companies will charge for this waiting time. This can become serious worry for the home movers especially when moving on friday’s and if the keys don’t turn up at 2 pm. To ensure your move is a success, be sure you know exactly when your keys will be released to you on the day of your house removal.

how do house removal companies calculate my move

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