How Much Do Removal Companies Cost When Moving House in Leicestershire

Planning to move house in Leicestershire. The big question, that home movers in Leicester want to know, when relocating to a new home is. How much do removal companies charge for removal services when moving house in Leicestershire. The thing is house removal costs differ from removal company to removal company. For example, a 3 bedroom semi detached house move may cost £500 – £800, which will depend on the removal company you choose to use, the volume of furniture to be relocated and the distance of travel to the new home. Our moving guide helps to give you a realistic idea, of how much removal companies may charge you when moving house in Leicester or Leicestershire.


How removal companies calculate your home move in Leicestershire


In order to obtain a fair, accurate and professional house removals quotation. Your Leicestershire house removals company will have a lot to consider. For example


  • The Size of Property
  • Distance of Travel
  • Volume of Furniture
  • Access Issues
  • Removal Services
  • Moving Large Bulky Furniture, Like Pianos
  • Time & Day Of Year You Are Moving
  • Furniture That Requires Specialist Care
  • Removal Insurance
  • Storage and more


  • The size of home will determine the costs of your Leicester house removal services. If moving from a 2nd floor 2 bedroom flat, with no lift access. Then you may be charged more money, as the removal firm and movers would need to do a lot more work and use a lot more manpower, than usual to complete the move efficiently.
  • The distance of travel from the old home to the new home will play a major part on the cost of your move. If moving far away then your move may cost you more money.
  • The volume or cubic feet of furniture you have to be moved to the new home also makes a big difference in the cost of your move. The more furniture you have to be relocated to the new home, means the more movers you’ll need, as well as larger vehicles and the move taking longer to complete.
  • How easy or difficult is the access points to the property. If you have flights of stairs leading to your front door or if the removal truck is unable to fit down your street, this may affect the price of your move. The easier the access the more cost-effective your move should be.
  • The number and type of removal services you will need when moving home in Leicester will be taken in to consideration. If hiring a full packing service with boxes and packaging materials, a house clearance, a house removals, dismantling and reassembling, you could pay more. Many Leicester removal companies will offer a discounted rate when booking more than 3 services. It’s always a good idea to decide how much help you think you will need. Doing some task will help you to save on moving costs.
  • Relocating large bulky items like pianos. If moving house in Leicester and you have specialist items, your movers may charge an additional costs for handling these type of items. For example pianos, American fridge freezer or marble tables etc.
  • The day and time of year you are moving home in Leicester. This may seem like an odd question, but many removal companies will offer cheaper rates when moving home during the quite periods. The busiest and most expensive time to move home is December as people want to be in before Christmas, Spring and Summer.
  • Furniture that requires specialist care and protection. Many removal companies will offer specialist packaging for valuable and sentimental items of furniture. Some of the specialist items may include antique furniture or art work. Specialist crates can be custom made protecting delicate items for road, air or sea transportation.
  • Removal insurance is another major factor that must be considered by you and your movers. Removal insurance is an additional costs towards your move. Many removal companies will offer removal insurance for free, while some may charge a fee. The level of insurance you need will depend on how expensive and valuable your furniture is. Removal insurance is called Goods in Transit Insurance and can cover your goods when being packed or moved. Many removal firms will provide £10,000, £25,000, £50,000 worth of cover plus.


The above are just a few things that your Leicester removal companies, must consider in order to provide you with a fair and accurate removal quote based on your needs and requirements.


We hope you will find the answer to your question, how much do removal companies cost when moving house in Leicester or Leicestershire.


1 bedroom


A 1 bedroom flat, with a lift, moving locally (10 miles) could cost


£250 – £300


Add £150 to cover packing service and packaging.


2 – 3 bedrooms


A 2 – 3 bedroom house removal in Leicester to Loughborough, could cost


£345 – £500


Estimate £200 – £300 for a full packing service and packaging materials


3 – 4 bedrooms


A 3 – 4 bedroom house moving from Leicester to London, may cost


£500 – £850


A full packing service with all the boxes and specialist materials may cost A further £300 – £395.


5 – 6 bedroom house move


A 5 – 6 bedroom house move moving locally may cost


£900 – £1200


With A further £500 – 600 set aside for a full home packing service, specialist equipment and materials.


Many removal companies in Leicestershire will charge to dismantle larger furniture and re-assemble them, once at the new home. So you will need to budget for this service if required. The cost of dismantling your furniture will depend again on how many larger items you have. For example dining tables, beds, wardrobes and taking doors off to get bulky furniture in.


The above prices are just an indication of the prices you could be quoted by your house removal company when moving home in Leicestershire.

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