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Preparing your attic or loft for a home move is not as simple as you may think. Many of us use the loft or attic in our homes to just simply store unused items and furniture. While some use the attic or loft conversion as an extra upper bedroom within the house. Bungalows are common homes that have extensions built for new loft conversions. When moving to a new home home you will need to take all items with you. The new home owner will expect the whole house to be completely empty (even the loft) of all its furniture prior to them moving in. This guide on how to clear your loft when moving house will ensure your attic or loft conversion is packed and cleared safely.

Not only that this guide will give you tips on what you can do with all those old toys and old kids clothes your children have out grown over the years. Many of us have had items stored in the loft that have not seen day light for years. When moving home it is important to decide what to keep and what to clear from your attic. The last thing you need is to clutter your new home with items or furniture you no longer need.

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    Upon choosing Removal firms for your move you will need to check if they will remove items from the loft as many removal companies will not offer a loft removal service due to health and safety regulations. If this is the case you will need to remove the items from the loft yourself. To do this safely you will need to first ask yourself some questions. How many things are in the loft? Is the loft ladder usable? How do i start preparing my loft? Is there lighting in the loft? are the floors all sturdy and stable? Does my loft have enough room to pack items?

    Tips On How You Can Clear Your Loft Like A Pro

    Before Entering The Loft Always Think About Your Safety First

    What To Do With The Old Furniture You Clear From The Loft

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